Maintenance to the propane tank at Superior Middle School is scheduled to begin Monday, June 22.

During the maintenance, a large flame will be produced and through traffic to the back of the school will not be permitted, according to a news release from Superior School District Director of Buildings and Grounds Bobby Matherly.

Professionals from Como Oil & Propane will be on-site the week of June 22 to empty the propane tank prior to maintenance. The liquid propane remaining in the tank will be drained into a tanker and hauled away. A burner will then be hooked up to the tank to burn off any remaining gases.

According to a tentative schedule provided by the district, the burner will be used Tuesday, June 23. It is expected to produce a flame up to 20 feet high for approximately eight hours. A professional from Como Oil & Propane will be there to monitor the burn at all times during this process.

Once the tank is completely empty, repairs to the tank will be performed by Young Plumbing.

The propane tank is located on the east side of the school near the loading docks.