The Superior School Board may increase the number of custodial staff at the new Cooper Elementary School and renovated Superior High School. The issue was discussed during the board’s Committee of the Whole meeting Monday, Oct. 28.

Both buildings now have a larger footprints, but the same number of custodial staff. Buildings and Grounds Director Bobby Matherly said Cooper has 50% more space than the old school — an additional 31,800 square feet. The new high school has an additional 36,600 square feet, about 11% more space than before.

There are currently three full-time custodial positions at Cooper and 11 at SHS.

Based on a program that calculates cleaning duties and the time needed to do them, custodians at Cooper are overloaded. Each is currently being asked to carry a 145% workload. It is estimated 4.37 full-time positions are needed to ensure duties are done without overtime.

The same program recommended 14.35 full-time equivalent positions at SHS, where custodians are shouldering a 130% workload.

The board was asked to consider creating one additional custodian position at Cooper and one at SHS, as well as an additional district-wide engineer position.

Matherly said it currently costs the district $46,000 in overtime costs for engineers to do building checks. They often work seven-day weeks. The savings in overtime would offset the $31,000 engineer position, he said.

District Administrator Amy Starzecki said the current budget could support one custodial and one engineer position.

The board voted to move the Cooper custodian and district engineer positions forward to the Nov. 4 regular board meeting for approval and table the addition of one full-time custodial position at the high school.

The board will also vote Nov. 4 on whether to create a part-time secretary position for the transportation department.

The district has 4,600 students enrolled and 2,186 are registered to ride the bus, according to Director of Transportation David See. They are transported by 25 district drivers and seven contract drivers.

The district receives an average of 40-80 calls from parents, employees and school staff each day, starting as early as 5:30 a.m. and ending as late as 8 p.m.

He said having a dedicated part-time transportation secretary would increase student safety and allow him to focus on efficiencies and proactive solutions to transportation issues.