The Superior School Board at its Sept. 9 regular board meeting discussed what personal information about students would be available upon request for topics such as concert programs, team rosters, class birthday lists and school publications.

Currently, a student’s name, address, telephone number, date of birth, photograph, participation in school activities and sports, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received and name of school last attended can be released. The height and weight of students on an athletic team are also part of this “directory information.” Parents who don’t want the information released can contact the district to opt out.

The Policies and Rules Committee recommended changing the policy to strike one item from the list.

“Student address is available per request and I just feel there’s a safety issue there,” said District Administrator Amy Starzecki, adding that many districts have pulled address from their directory information.

Board members amended the motion to pull student phone numbers from the list, as well. If someone was trying to use the data for an illegal purpose, said board member Mike Meyer, a phone number and address would give them the most access.

Vice President Christina Kintop asked if a student’s birth date should stay on the list. Starzecki said it's relevant because many teachers post lists of student birthdays on their classroom calendar.

The board moved the action item, which would change the policy to strike both student phone numbers and addresses from district “directory information,” forward to its Oct. 7 meeting for final approval.