University of Wisconsin-Superior Academic Service-Learning students will present an exhibit, "Refugee for 50 Minutes: From Syria to Sweden," on April 9 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Yellowjacket Union Great Room.

The students are enrolled in professor Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi's Political Science 101: Introduction to Comparative Politics class. The exhibit, held in collaboration with the American Red Cross Northland Chapter, examines how one becomes a refugee and their experience.

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AS-L students will teach the community and university members about the technical aspects of this topic, such as the legal definition of who is a refugee, their rights under international humanitarian law and some non-technical issues, such as living conditions, food and safety in the refugee camps.

"AS-L provides my students with opportunities to see that what learn in the classroom is relevant to our community and how it can help our community," Dokhanchi said. "It also encourages them to invest more in learning about the course subject matter as they become teachers of our community members."

By examining the current crisis in Syria and how it created a refugee crisis in Europe, this exhibit hopes to teach community and university members about the factors that cause people to become a refugee and also have a better understanding of their hopes and fears they embark on their journey.

"Helping share the message of the importance of having an understanding of international humanitarian law is an important mission of the American Red Cross," said Dan Williams, executive director of the American Red Cross. "Of particular importance is being able to expose our high school and college students to these issues."

The Great Room is located on the second floor of the Yellowjacket Union, 1605 Catlin Ave.