The University of Wisconsin-Superior Foundation introduced a new scholarship opportunity to support Native American students.

The Maawanji'idiwin ("The Place Where We Come Together") Scholarship was named after the newly constructed medicine wheel on campus. It will provide funding support for Native American students enrolled at UWS who demonstrate financial need. It is a community scholarship, meaning it was created by faculty and staff of the university and residents rather than by a particular donor.

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While the scholarship has been created with initial funding, the goal is to grow the endowment fund to be able to award a $1,000 scholarship to a qualified student each year.

"I think it's great that students do not have to prove they are native or be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe to receive it," UWS sophomore student Nell Barri said. "Native students who are not enrolled in their tribes are often disadvantaged when looking for financial support. This scholarship shows native students that their identities and cultures are valued here."

UWS also recently established a partnership with Bayfield High School to increase visibility of the university among native students there.

Contributions to the scholarship may be made at For more information, contact the UW-Superior Foundation at 715-394-8452 or