This year 17 student-mentor teams take part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

With the support of the UW-Superior Foundation, students work with a faculty or staff mentor to tackle a research or creative project of their choice.

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"Congratulations to all of the students and mentors," said Jackie Weissenburger, interim provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs at UWS. "I wish you an exciting summer full of discovery and the campus looks forward to hearing about your findings when we return in the fall."

Recipients of the 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships and Developmental Awards:


* Johnathan Erickson with Dr. Brett Jones, Marimba: A Philosophy and Curriculum.

* Sam Hansen with Dr. Shon Schooler, Effect of Recreational Activity for Reduction of Goose Herbivory on Wild Rice in the St. Louis River Estuary.

* Scott Holmes with Dr. Jamie White-Farnham, Liveliness in Language: An Exploration of Blues' Influence on Mainstream English.

* Emma Holst Grimm with Dr. Vanessa Hettinger, Backlash Exposure and its Effects on Self-Perception for Women.

* Jounglag Lim with Dr. Sergei Bezroukov, Vertex Isoperimetric Problems on Graphs.

* Chia-An Lin with Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza, Microplastics: Environmental Forensics.

* Solene Martin with Dr. Hilary Fezzey, A Cultural Studies Analysis of the Japanese Fairy Tale, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

* Ana Reyes Lam with Dr. Ephraim Nikoi, Home Away from Home: The Impact of Community Support in Social Integration in a New Place of Living.

* Xuan Zhu with Dr. Steven Rosenberg, UW-Superior Residence Hall Mail Handling System.

* Hope Boothe with Dr. Heide Ford and Dr. Jenean O'Brien, University of Colorado Cancer Center Collaborative Fellowship.

Developmental, 100 hour projects

* Abby Downs with Dr. Eleni Pinnow, Reducing Stigma Toward Mental Illness in College Age Students.

* Melissa France with Dr. Jamie White-Farnham, Just Plain Crazy: A Study of the Rhetoric of Mental Illness in U.S. News Outlets.

* Padraic Heberlein with Dr. Sergei Bezroukov, Guitar Tuner Project.

* Iveel Munkhbaatar with Dr. Sakib Mahmud, The Impact of Smart Growth Initiation on Developing Sustainable Agriculture in the State of Wisconsin.

* Rachel Turner with Dr. Lynn Goerdt, Mindfulness and Social Work Practice.

* Opeyemi Omiwale with Dr. Ephraim Nikoi, Intercultural Communication in the Workplace.

* Kalel Yates with Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo, Exploring the Relationship between Police Socialization and Lethal versus Non-lethal Force Training: Implications for Police Officer Practice.