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Letter of Appreciation Dan Shea, Information Services The Superior Police Department's Award policy allows our agency to issue awards to outstanding civilian employees who support our organization. Dan Shea is an outstanding city employee who sup...

Letter of Appreciation

Dan Shea, Information Services

The Superior Police Department's Award policy allows our agency to issue awards to outstanding civilian employees who support our organization. Dan Shea is an outstanding city employee who supports the Superior Police Department on a daily basis.

Among the many things you help our department with is our annual Citizens' Police Academy. You are always willing to set up and troubleshoot our technological equipment used for many presentations during the academy. You also assist our administrative assistant in preparing a video for our class graduation.

Dan, you have helped in the development of our Web site and routinely update it to ensure it is current. You also help many department members with our daily department technology needs and routinely have volunteered to serve on a number of committees to support projects such as CADmine, our ICOP system and the laptops in each of our police vehicles.


For your continued support and efforts above-and-beyond your job description, you are hereby awarded this letter of appreciation.

Letter of Commendation

Sgt. Susan Grandahl, Superior Police Auxiliary

The auxiliary members of the Superior Police Department fulfill an instrumental role in our community by assisting with such things as traffic at major events, scene security and providing an authority presence at many functions. They voluntarily provide their dedicated hours of work without compensation as a service to our citizens.

In particular, you, Susan have served our department and citizens in this capacity since 1995. Whatever the event or assignment, you have always been there when duty called.

While many times officers are recognized for a single event that may occur, it is our departments' desire to recognize you for the important work you have faithfully and loyally provided our community for the past 14 years.

You have demonstrated the true heart of a volunteer in your service to our department. Congratulations, and thank you for your outstanding performance.

Fitness Awards


Officers Todd Carlson, Jeffery Felton, John Heinen, Bonnie Johnson, Paul Winterscheidt and Mike Kendall, Investigator Jeffrey Harriman and Sergeant Chris Kirchoff

In 2008, our department established a Fitness Program as we recognize the importance of fitness to an officer being able to perform the sometimes very physical aspect of their jobs.

The testing protocol is comprised of tests that measure upper body strength, core body strength and aerobic endurance. These officers have performed the tests at a level established as Award Level during the fall 2009 testing cycle. Achieving this level of all around physical fitness requires self-discipline and hard work. We recognize this achievement with the Fitness Award Pin.

Letter of Commendation

Investigator Jeffery Felton

On July 4, 2009, at approximately 10 p.m. an individual later identified as Javier Garcia fired many rounds from a 22-caliber rifle into a dresser that he was using as a backstop. Unfortunately, the rounds passed through the dresser, and began impacting in the area of Jrs bar on North Third Street and a patron was struck and injured by a bullet in the parking lot at that location.

Mr. Garcia was located that evening and was lodged in the Douglas County Jail, but the investigation continued. You recovered the jail recordings of the phone calls that Mr. Garcia made. You listened to hours of recordings and determined that in one of those phone conversations, Mr. Garcia had made an admission that it indeed was he who had been firing a rifle, which caused the injury to the victim in this crime. That admission was a key piece of evidence, which led to the conviction of Mr. Garcia and his subsequent incarceration.

For your dedication and persistence in conducting this follow up investigation. You are hereby awarded this letter of Commendation.


Letter of Commendation

Officer Bonnie Johnson

In 2009, you volunteered to serve as a liaison to our city's hotels and motels. Hotels and motels are often the scene of crimes, including drug dealing, prostitution, domestic assaults, thefts, and many other types of crimes that occur anywhere people gather.

You worked with the owners and managers of the hotels to establish a schedule where all hotel employees were trained to recognize criminal activity that may be occurring in those establishments. You were so successful that frequently hotels call only wanting to talk to you when crimes have been committed.

Such was the case on July 14, 2009, when the manager of Barker's Island Inn reported suspicious activity, which she felt was likely drug dealing. You came in to work on your day off to handle these complaints and responded to Barker's Island Inn and conducted a 'knock and talk' investigation. This contact resulted in the arrest of an individual who was wanted in Carlton County, Minnesota on a warrant for first-degree possession of a controlled substance. During the follow Lip investigation while working in conjunction with hotel staff in removing abandoned property, you recovered a package, which contained approximately 300 grams of methamphetamine.

You have done a great deal of work in starting and managing our Hotel/Motel Liaison program. Through your efforts, you are helping make Superior a safer place to stay and visit. For this, you are awarded this Letter of Commendation.

Letter of Commendation

Sergeant Chris Kirchoff and Officer Brad Esler


On Feb. 14, 2009, our department responded to the scene of a report of an occupied vehicle going through the ice on the St. Louis River, in Billings Park. Sgt. Kirchoff and Officer Esler, as members of the Superior/Douglas County Dive Team responded to assist in this incident. Once equipped and on scene of the incident, Sgt. Kirchoff assumed the role of the primary diver, and Officer Esler assumed the role of team leader and back up diver. Sgt. Kirchoff, you dove below the surface of the ice, and in very low visibility conditions located the vehicle in approximately fifteen feet of water. You were able to open the vehicle, enter it, and find and recover the body of the victim of this terrible accident.

Winter diving under the ice is a very serious and dangerous proposition. The department and the community are indebted to both of you for volunteering to perform this dangerous and important duty, and for performing so professionally on the morning of this tragic accident.

For your actions, you are awarded this Letter of Commendation.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Investigator Jeffrey Harriman

You are currently assigned to the Superior Police Department Narcotics Bureau. In 2009, due to your outstanding work, your peers nominated you for consideration to the Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association. Ultimately, you received that association's highest award of Narcotics Officer of the Year.

In the past year, you have consistently demonstrated high performance through significant arrests and seizures of controlled substances. Combined with your recognition as Wisconsin Narcotics Officer of the Year, you are hereby awarded this Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award


Officer Chris Moe

On Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009, at approximately 1 p.m. officers were called to the area of 1612 N. 18tht St. in reference to a call of shots fired. According to witnesses, a gunman fired a round from a vehicle after yelling a threat toward the intended victim.

You were one of the responding officers on the original call. You quickly became involved in the investigation and gained the trust and respect of the witnesses. You went on to create a photo line up to show the witnesses and she was able to identify positively the shooter. You conducted follow up interviews, maintained contact with the female witness as the days went by, and the investigation continued. Your work, which would normally be assigned to a detective, was conducted while you were assigned to the Patrol Division. Your work resulted in the arrest warrant for the individual who had fired the weapon. That individual's defense attorney contacted the Superior Police Department and stated that the defendant wanted to turn himself in.

Your work in this case was exemplary and goes beyond what would normally be expected of an officer working in the Patrol Division. The great interest that you showed in this case, because you realized the dangerous nature of the suspect's actions, is exemplary service for which you are awarded this Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Officers Paul Winterscheidt, Greg Swanson, Nicholas Eastman and Detectives Bill Braman and Jack Curphy

Approximately 2 a.m. August 29, 2009, Officers Swanson and Eastman responded to the area of Wade Bowl, of what the caller thought was a young boy yelling for help. Upon arrival the officers located a suspect running out of the Wade Bowl area. The officers stopped the man, and identified him, and he stated he hadn't heard or seen anything, nor had he been calling for help. The officers checked the area further and were later dispatched to a 9-1-1 caller who reported that she had been sexually assaulted in the Wade Bowl area, and had went to her home before calling the police.

Officers Winterscheidt, Swanson, and Eastman followed up on the suspect they had located running from wade Bowl. They were able to locate him at his home, and convinced him to come to the station with them, where they recovered his DNA, and took DNA swabs from his skin, and recovered the clothing he was wearing at the time they had seen him at 2 a.m.


Their actions resulted in the recovery of the victim's DNA on his skin and tied him to a previous sexual assault that had occurred on June 21 in the city of Superior in the parking lot of Dan's Feed Bin, and an unresolved 2006 sexual assault, which had occurred in Burnett County.

Detectives Curphy and Braman had been assigned previous sexual assault investigations and were assigned to this new sexual assault investigation as well. They immediately identified a common Modus Operandi ("MO") between their previous sexual assault investigations and the newest case. They completed multiple follow-up interviews and other investigative duties that enabled the suspect in the most recent case to be charged in two prior sexual assaults.

For their actions of following up and attaining the key evidence which led to the arrest of a suspect in at least three sexual assaults in this City and others, Officers Winterscheidt, Swanson, and Eastman, and Detectives Braman and Curphy are hereby awarded this Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Detective Jack Curphy

On Monday, October 12, 2009 at approximately 9:00 a.m. Schultz's bar was robbed at knifepoint by a white male wearing a dark colored hoodie, which partially concealed his identity. Follow up investigation led to surveillance footage that showed the suspects had fled in a dark color Dodge Neon, which possibly had a reddish color hood. The following day, acting on a hunch that the robbers would stay in a local hotel or motel, you patrolled the parking lots of area motels, and located a dark colored Dodge Neon with a discolored red hood parked in the parking lot of the Driftwood Motel.

While you were speaking with the desk clerk at the hotel about who had rented the room and was driving that vehicle, two individuals, a male and a female, entered the vehicle and began driving on East Second Street. You followed the vehicle and radioed for other squads to respond to assist in stopping the vehicle. The subsequent investigation revealed that the male in the vehicle was the suspect who had robbed Schultz's bar on the previous day. Because of your self-directed investigation, the suspect vehicle and suspect were located and identified. Numerous search warrants were then drafted and served and a substantial amount of evidence was recovered which linked this suspect and another male suspect to the armed robbery.

For this excellent police work, you are awarded this Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Officer Joel Markon

On Aug. 16, 2009, at approximately 5 a.m., you responded to the Bong Bridge in reference to a man who was threatening to jump off the bridge. The man was very upset and ran in front of traffic, pounding on the hoods of cars. As officers approached, he ran to the side, climbed over the rail, and hung his body out over the water, saying if he was approached, he would jump.

After over an hour of conversation, you were able to convince the man to climb back over the rail and travel to a hospital for counseling. Due to your persistence and your demonstrated ability to establish rapport with people who are in a great deal of stress, this individual did not commit suicide that morning, and received the care that he needed.

For your actions, you are hereby awarded this Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Officers Tim Monte and Paul Winterscheidt

On Aug. 11, 2009, just after 8 p.m., Officers Monte and Winterscheidt responded to Hammond Park in the 1800 block of Hammond Avenue on the report of a suicidal man with a knife. While in route it was reported that the man had thrown the knife near a tree.

The officers located the suspect, who was shirtless and visibly upset. Upon seeing the officers, the suspect picked up the large, fixed nine-inch blade knife. You drew your side arms and commanded the suspect drop the knife. The uncooperative suspect waved his arms and said that he was not doing anything. You communicated with each other and developed a plan. You moved to a position to assure the safety of citizens who were in the park. You were able to close to a position where Officer Monte was able to deploy a taser, which caused the suspect to fall to the ground, where he was taken into custody. Because of your bravery and sound tactics, the suicidal man was not able to injure himself or anybody else, and the situation was resolved.

This was a high stress and dangerous call and you responded in a calm and professional manner, in a way, which was consistent with your training. For this exemplary act of police work, you are hereby awarded the Meritorious Conduct Award.

Meritorious Conduct Award

Officer Todd Maas and K-9 Blek

On April 22, 2009, just before 7 a.m. Officers responded to 503 Carter Lane reference a violent domestic disturbance, which was occurring there. As the officers responded, they were updated with information that a knife had been used and three people were stabbed.

As you arrived in the area of the call, the suspect was walking across Catlin Avenue from the area where the disturbance had occurred. You saw the blood on the suspect's clothing and recognized that this was the suspect. You ordered the suspect to the ground, but the suspect continued advancing on you. The armed suspect yelled that you would have to shoot him. You deployed your K-9 partner, Blek, as the suspect continued to advance toward you and your squad car. K-9 Blek was able to apprehend the suspect, and pulled him to the ground, where you were then able to handcuff him. For their actions in this incident, Officer Maas and K-9 Blek received the Wisconsin State Meritorious K-9 Apprehension Award in 2009 from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association.

This was not the only significant and exemplary performance by you and your K-9 partner Blek. On Dec. 11, 2009, you and your partner Blek were summoned to the UPS shipping center in Duluth, as Duluth Police Department believed that a package was likely to contain controlled substances, and their own K-9 units were not available to conduct a sniff of the suspect packages. Your K-9 partner Blek is a certified narcotic detection dog, and he was able to detect and indicate that the suspect package contained controlled substances.

The package was found to contain a large quantity of marijuana, which was wrapped in duct tape, coffee grounds, and hot mustard, and was sealed in plastic wrap. Despite this effort to mask the odor of marijuana, the excellent training that you have provided your partner Blek, resulted in the seizure of approximately ten pounds of marijuana.

For such exceptionally high performance, you and K-9 Blek are awarded this Meritorious Conduct award for exemplary police service.

Distinguished Service Award

Officer Paul Winterscheidt

At just after 10 p.m. on the evening of July 4th, 2009, your responded to JT's bar, 1506 N. Third St., reference a female who had been injured. The original call stated that she had suffered an injury perhaps by a firework. Upon arrival at the scene, you determined that she had suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle and foot. While on scene, additional shots rang out and you heard bullets impacting the parked cars near which you and many onlookers were standing. You and your partner moved all the citizens to a position of cover behind the parked cars, and took cover yourself, calling in additional officers reference the shots in the area.

After a period of time, with no additional shots fired, you moved from your position of cover to the trunk of your squad so that you could access a ballistic vest, which was in that trunk. You accessed this vest, not for yourself, but so that one of the citizens who was taking cover behind the parked vehicles, could have a greater level of protection. This action was selfless, and represented true bravery in an effort to ensure the safety of others, at a risk to yourself.

For this action, you are awarded the Distinguished Service Award.

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