A vintage boat burglarized from a Lincoln Park warehouse was found destroyed, the Duluth businessman offering a $5,000 reward told the News Tribune.

Brad Skytta said his 1972 yellow G-W Invader was tracked down by Duluth police to a fire report in Superior. The boat was located Sept. 10, Skytta said, several days before he issued a reward for the missing sports craft.

"It was burnt at the Oliver boat landing," Skytta said. "They'd thrown a match in it and walked away."

The boat held sentimental value for Skytta, having been gifted to him at 12 years old.

"It's a tough deal," said Skytta, president and partner of the Duluth-based Evergreen Group, which owns a host of motor vehicle dealerships in the area.

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Duluth police responded Sept. 14 to a Lincoln Park warehouse on the 1700 block of West Superior Street, reporting the boat and two pickup trucks — a 1990 Chevrolet and a Ford F-150 — stolen on Sept. 2, based on surveillance video at the warehouse.

Skytta confirmed earlier the pickup trucks have been recovered intact.

The Duluth Police Department said Monday it has not made any arrests related to the burglary.

According to police, the city has experienced 223 motor vehicle thefts so far in 2021. Last year, the city had 236 reported such thefts, up from 212 in 2019.