A Douglas County sheriff’s deputy was called to the corner of North 21st Street and Aspen Lane in Superior at about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, May 26, to deal with a pair of dueling Kool-Aid stands. It was reported that the children were throwing the sugary beverage around and at vehicles.

Deputy Cynthia Strange arrived and spoke to two juveniles at the Aspen Lane stand, according to a sheriff’s office report. They explained there had been a friendly "Kool-Aid war" earlier with the stand on the next corner, Linden Lane. They used squirt guns and cups of Kool-Aid until “some lady” stopped and yelled at them.

The stand on Linden Lane had been set up first, prompting the other group to open their own stand on Aspen Lane, according to the report. One of the Linden Lane kids told Strange they instigated the war by bringing over a squirt gun full of Kool-Aid and spraying it all over the Aspen Lane group.

“She said she later came over and apologized,” Strange reported.

By the time the deputy arrived, both stands were ready to close for the night and one of the children involved had left to shower because he was soaked in Kool-Aid.

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With the “war” over, the deputy left the decision up to the parents to further handle the situation.