A town of Oakland woman who allegedly failed to deposit more than $5,000 worth of quarters from laundry machines at apartments she managed made her initial appearance in Douglas County Circuit Court Feb. 4.

Amanda Lynn Cooksey, 38, faces one felony theft charge. She waived the time limits for her preliminary hearing at a Feb. 12 status conference. A $5,000 signature bond was set for Cooksey, and she was ordered not to have contact with her former employer, Catholic Charities Bureau.

The fact that the laundry machine money was not being deposited came to light after a former maintenance worker at one of the properties Cooksey manages was charged with theft and obstructing an officer for allegedly staging a burglary at the apartments.

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Cooksey told Officer Jonathan Marchiori that collecting quarters from laundry machines at apartments in Douglas and St. Louis counties was part of her job, but she had not been depositing the coins in the bank for about a year, according to the criminal complaint.

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She reportedly emptied the machines after hours and didn’t deposit the coins during the day. When asked why, Cooksey said it was because she was pressed for time and because she was an idiot, the complaint said.

The town of Oakland woman told the officer that she kept the quarters in boxes in her garage because they weighed her car down. She said she knew what she did was wrong, but she never intended to steal or spend the money, according to the criminal complaint.

Several containers of coins were collected from Cooksey’s garage in Oakland, including some that were so heavy they required two officers to carry, the complaint said. A trash bag full of quarters was collected from the maintenance office of apartments she managed in Duluth, and additional coins were found at a Superior apartment complex. The total amount collected was $5,381.80, according to the criminal complaint.

The theft charge, a class H felony, carries a maximum penalty of six years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000. Cooksey’s next court appearance was set for Wednesday, March 10.