A Wascott man accused of shooting two bears in two days is scheduled to make an initial appearance in Douglas County Circuit Court on Aug. 7.

William Eugene Richardson, 66, faces one misdemeanor count of illegal shining of deer or bears, two ordinance violations of hunting without a license and two ordinance violations of killing a bear without a license. The charges against Richardson were filed July 21.

Conservation Warden Adam Stennett with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources received a complaint from the DNR violation hotline of a dead bear on Sullivan Lake Road in the town of Wascott on May 13, according to the criminal complaint. He followed a blood trail from the bear and found a second dead bear in the woods. The blood trail reportedly ended at Richardson’s residence, which had a trough feeder in the yard and a bird feeder on a tree.

After Stennett showed Richardson the blood trail from the two dead bears to his residence, the Wascott man admitted that he had shot the bears. Richardson told Stennett that he saw the smaller bear near one of his bird feeders the evening of May 10 and shot at it with a .22 gun to scare it away. The next evening, Richardson saw a large black bear on his deck and shot at it with the .22. Both incidents took place around 10 or 11 p.m. when the deck light was on.

Richardson told Stennett that he did not attempt to scare the bears away in any other way and that he did not look for the bears afterward.

If convicted of the misdemeanor, Richardson faces a maximum penalty of six months of imprisonment, a fine of up to $2,000 and would not be able to get a hunting license for three years.