Wisconsin launched a new elder abuse hotline Monday, May 11. Victims, family members and concerned citizens can call 1-833-586-0107 for assistance connecting to resources and making referrals to local authorities.

“This new hotline comes at a critical time, when many Wisconsinites are staying safe at home and it’s particularly important to be wary of possible scams,” Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said in a release about the hotline. “This partnership with the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources will help bring awareness to this important issue and provide an easy-to-access tool for reporting.”

Created through a $440,000 federal grant to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the program includes outreach to victims through online advertisements, print materials and an online reporting tool on the www.ReportElderAbuseWI.org website. The Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources will manage the day-to-day operations of the elder abuse hotline and promote outreach to victims through their broad network of programs that support older adults across the state.

“We know from studies on the prevalence of elder abuse that for every case that is reported there are 23 that are not reported,” said Robert Kellerman, executive director of the agency. “This hotline is a much needed resource for our state and we are pleased to partner with Attorney General Kaul in the fight against elder abuse.”

Individuals who suspect that they are a victim of elder abuse or know someone who may be experiencing abuse can learn more about the signs at www.ReportElderAbuseWI.org. Reports can be made through Wisconsin Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-833-586-0107.