Beginning Monday, Nov. 11, men and women interested in a law enforcement career can apply to serve as a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper or inspector.

“This is an opportunity for dedicated men and women to become part of the Wisconsin State Patrol’s proud 80-year tradition of serving and protecting the public,” State Patrol Superintendent Tony Burrell said. “We’re looking for people from all cultural and educational backgrounds who embrace challenge and find satisfaction in giving back to their state and nation.”

No law enforcement experience is required to apply. Those accepted into the State Patrol Academy at Fort McCoy receive paid six-month training and graduate ready to serve as troopers or inspectors. Classes range in size from 25-50 cadets.

The State Patrol’s 66th Recruit Class is scheduled to begin training July 19, 2020, and graduate Jan. 15, 2021.

“As a member of the State Patrol, you can serve in a variety of challenging and fulfilling roles including K-9 officers, drone and aircraft pilots, commercial motor vehicle inspectors and crash reconstruction experts,” Burrell said.

Under a recent change, State Patrol officers now have up to five years after being hired to earn an associate degree or at least 60 college credits.

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