A Superior man accused of stalking and threatening city officials last year was arrested Tuesday, Oct. 8, on allegations of bail jumping, unlawful use of a phone and disorderly conduct.

According to a Superior Police Department report, Marty Lee Curtiss, 61, was arrested stemming from a disagreement with the city’s Building Inspection Division over Curtiss' solution to city garbage trucks driving on the lawn.

The disagreement stemmed from a notice to correct, and intent to cite and abate issued by the city’s code compliance officer over boulders placed on 53rd Avenue East in the city right of way near Curtiss’ home.

The city’s code compliance officer issued a notice about two weeks ago, and the deadline to make the correction was nearing, said Chief Building Inspector Peter Kruit.

Kruit informed police that Curtiss had called him on the telephone and had been shouting. During the conversation, the tempo and volume of his profanity-laced speech increased. However, Kruit told officers his main concern was that Curtiss made the statement: “What do I have to do, get a gun and shoot someone,” the report states.

Kruit didn’t view the statement as a personal threat but was concerned it was a threat against city personnel, the report states.

City Attorney Frog Prell secured a restraining order against Curtiss last November on behalf of Public Works Director Todd Janigo after Curtiss was charged with stalking and sending threatening emails to Janigo, Mayor Jim Paine and Councilor Jenny Van Sickle. Charges on the matter are still pending; Curtiss is scheduled for a status conference Friday, Oct. 11, on those charges.

Building inspection records show a notice was issued concerning the boulders Oct. 1 with a deadline of Monday, Oct. 14, to remove the boulders from the city right of way or face possible citations and the expense of the city removing them plus an $150 administrative fee.

Robinson stated that he attempted to call Curtiss to give him a verbal warning regarding his conduct, but was unable to reach him. He and Officer Nicholas Eastman then went to his house to caution Curtiss about his behavior.

Initially, Curtiss refused Robinson’s request to step outside, then became more enraged and forced open the door with “substantial force,” marching toward the officers while “yelling loudly and using extremely animated gestures” that Robinson viewed as assaultive, the report states.

After officers used muscular force to overcome resistance, Curtiss was transported to jail without further incident, Robinson wrote in his report of the incident.

Curtiss was charged in Douglas County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Oct. 9, with felony bail jumping and misdemeanor charges of unlawful use of a phone-threats with obscenities and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident Tuesday.