Superior schools used school-wide safety protocols to adjust to a number of issues this week.

Superior Middle School initiated a lock hold Tuesday, May 7, after two knives were found in the gymnasium.

One fell out of a student’s clothing while playing in the gymnasium, according to a report by liaison officer Robert Eastman with the Superior Police Department. The student pointed out another knife in the gymnasium under the bleachers and admitted bringing both to school.

The school went on lock hold while the gymnasium and the student’s locker were searched; no other weapons were found. The student did not make any threats toward other students or school staff, according to a release from Assistant Chief Matt Markon with the police department.

The lock hold was initiated at about 9:40 a.m. Tuesday and lasted about 20 minutes, according to District Administrator Amy Starzecki. Students and staff were able to continue with classroom activities during the hold. The concern was addressed, the hold lifted and the school day proceeded as normal.

"There was minor disruption to regular school activities and minimal risk to the safety of the school," Starzecki said in an emailed statement.

Parents were notified via email and social media after the lock hold was lifted.

"We are proud of our Superior Middle School administrators, teachers, staff and students who did a great job following the safety procedures we practice on a regular basis in our district," Starzecki said in the statement.

A lock hold is used when there is minimal risk to the safety of the school, according to Starzecki If there was a risk to the safety of the school, such as an active intruder, the school would go into lockdown.

“We take our duty to protect our students very seriously. That extends not only to their physical safety, but also to our student’s right to privacy,” Starzecki said. “We cannot release any more details without compromising the privacy rights of our student.”

Medical hold

Students and staff at SMS were placed in a medical hold at about 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, May 8. A medical hold is issued when an individual in the building requires emergency medical attention. Teachers were able to continue with classes during the medical hold, according to an email sent to parents by Principal Rick Flaherty.

By the time the email was sent at 1:37 p.m., the hold was over and classes had resumed as normal.