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SPD sets online bike auction

The Superior Police Department is auctioning about 50 bikes this year at its annual auction. The majority are "found" bikes, according to Community Service Officer Mandy Hammer, but some were taken when a crime was committed.

The online auction takes place on Money raised will go to the Old Firehouse and Police Museum.

Prior to the online auction, which kicks off in late June, the department hopes to reunite some of the bikes with their former owners. Anyone whose bike went missing has until June 22 to file a report, even if the loss took place a while ago.

Knowing the bike's serial number and having it licensed are the best ways to match owners with bicycles.

"If they don't have serial numbers or the license for their bike, they can still fill out a report, but they should also include any identifying factors such as locks that were attached, any special features or modifications that were done," Hammer said.

Reports can be made online,, in person at the Joint Law Enforcement Center or by phone at 911.

The best way to keep your bike off the auction block is to lock it, according to Hammer.

"We have had a rise in bike theft calls since the weather has warmed up recently, so people should remember to lock their bikes up, no matter how long they are stopping somewhere," she said.

Questions about a previously reported stolen or missing bike can be directed to (715) 395-7280.