The Superior Police and Fire departments have acquired a new drone through a grant from the Husky Superior Refinery, which will assist with responding to emergencies in the Greater Superior area. The drone, officially named T'Pol after the "Star Trek" character, has already proven to be a valuable resource.

“The benefits of this drone to the fire department are substantial,” Fire Chief Steve Panger said. “It enhances rescue and recovery activities through rapid aerial deployment and improves scene management through thermal imaging and resource management.”

The police department uses the drone to document crime scenes and to map high-traffic locations such as malls and schools should they be the location of future incidents.

“In an emergency, this information helps us better understand the specific situation we’ll be facing when officers arrive on scene,” Police Chief Nicholas Alexander said. “The more knowledge the team has, the safer they are on the ground.”

This brings the number of drones available to Superior’s first responder team to three. It provides additional capabilities in providing thermal imaging, improved optics and increased flight time.

“Every day, firefighters and police officers from Superior protect our homes, places of work and the entire community," said Kollin Schade, general manager of the Superior refinery. “The new drone helps keep them safer while doing this important work. We are grateful for the dedication and service these first responders offer our community.”