Council, County Board select leadership

Councilor Craig Sutherland hoped to avoid a repeat of last year.
Signs are posted on an entrance to the Government Center in Superior Monday, March 23, explaining the limited access due to the COVID-19 health emergency. (Jed Carlson /

The Superior City Council has new leadership following the April 7 election after new and reelected councilors were sworn into office April 21.

Councilor Nicholas Ledin joined the Council for the first time, and Councilors Warren Bender, Brent Fennessey, Ruth Ludwig and Keith Kern were sworn in after reelection

Ludwig was selected to serve as council president and Councilor Tylor Elm is vice president.

Councilors Craig Sutherland and Esther Dalbec were also nominated for the posts, respectively.

Sutherland asked the mayor to refrain from breaking a tie to allow councilors to select their own leaders, and councilors to vote rather than abstain to avoid a repeat of the selection process last year. Last year, multiple rounds of voting over several meetings failed to produce the necessary majority to select a council president. It was finally decided when Councilor Brent Fennessey drew the high card in mid-June.


“We need to decide this position tonight, and I do not want to see another display of last year,” said Sutherland.

The Council divided 5-5 again Tuesday night, but Mayor Jim Paine cast the deciding vote in favor of Ludwig.

The Council split 7-3 in favor of Elm for vice president.

The Douglas County Board also welcomed one new member April 21, Supervisor Joel Certa-Werner, who ran for the 3rd District after former supervisor and long-time board chairman Doug Finn announced he wouldn’t run again after about 50 years in local government.

However, the Board made no changes to its leadership. In two votes, supervisors selected County Board Chairman Mark Liebaert to remain in the post, and retained the three vice chairpersons — Mary Lou Bergman, Larry Quam and Rosemary Lear — in the posts they were selected for in 2018.

Center from left, Councilor Ruth Ludwig, Nicholas Ledin, Brent Fennessey, Warren Bender and Keith Kern are sworn into office by City Clerk Terri Kalan in front of Douglas County Board Chairman Mark Liebaert. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, public access to the meeting is restricted to live Council videos and teleconference calls. (Courtesy of the city of Superior)

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