Brule's Copp wins a pair of feature events at Proctor Speedway Sunday

PROCTOR -- Veteran racer Don Copp of Brule, pulled off the double feature win Sunday night at the Proctor Speedway. Copp was tapped by veteran racer and car owner Johnny Johnson to drive his No. 31 WISSOTA late model, and it proved to be the righ...

PROCTOR -- Veteran racer Don Copp of Brule, pulled off the double feature win Sunday night at the Proctor Speedway.

Copp was tapped by veteran racer and car owner Johnny Johnson to drive his No. 31 WISSOTA late model, and it proved to be the right decision. Copp started the 25-lap feature from the outside of the front row and led every lap for the win. Later in the program he jumped into his own familiar No. 22c WISSOTA modified and sailed off to his second feature win of the evening.

One-hundred-twenty-one cars were on hand to compete Sunday night at the Proctor Speedway.

After qualifying heats and B features set the fields for the five features, the WISSOTA Midwest modifieds were the first to roll onto the speedway. The 20-lap event got off to a poor start when Zak McClellan went off the backstretch and had to be towed back to the pits.

At the green flag it was four wide for the lead down the backstretch. Nick Baker took the early lead with Cory Jorgenson shooting through to lead a lap. Mark Kangas and Bill Matzdorf then clashed in the first turn and Kangas was sent to the tail of the field. With five laps completed, Jesse Ogston and Baker raced wheel-to-wheel for the lead with Jorgenson, Clint Larson, Jeremy Hall and Skeeter Estey in the mix.


A lap after the restart, Willy Thompson turned sideways in turn four causing a seven-car pileup. On the restart, Jorgenson got through again for the lead, but Ogston would not let him go as they raced side by side. Baker, J. Hall and Estey ran in the top five with Kangas charging to sixth from the rear. The caution flag appeared once again when Bill Brouse flew off turn four. The restart was at the halfway point, and Jorgenson led Ogston, Estey, Baker and Monty Hall.

Hall and Matzdorf soon tangled, bringing out another caution flag, which would prove to be the final one as the time limit on the event had run out. It was a two-lap shootout to the checkered flag with Jorgenson taking his first Midwest Modified feature win. Estey, Jeremy Hall and Chais Eliason rounded out the top five. Eleven of the 24 cars that started made it to the ten-lap mark.

Next up was the first 25-lap feature of the season for the WISSOTA late models, with Aaron Lillo pacing the 17-car field from the pole. Don Copp, in Johnny Johnson's number 31 Mopar-powered car, took the lead with John Massingill to second. Lillo was next, and then came two time feature winner Kyle Peterlin and Darin Meierotto, who ran wheel-to-wheel for fourth. Peterlin's number 23 continued to show the smoke seen in his heat race and he soon fell off the pace and out of the event. Copp's run continued to get stronger as he pulled out a 10 car length lead over Massingill, with Darrell Nelson moving to third ahead of Meierotto and Lillo. No caution flags slowed the action, and the 25 laps were quickly concluded as Copp dominated the event. Massingill, Lillo, Meierotto and Nelson finished in the top five.

The 20-lap WISSOTA super stock feature got off to a ragged start when outside pole sitter Jeff Forseen turned sideways in front of the field, piling up several cars.

Amazingly no one was taken out, and Forseen was sent to the rear. At the green flag Frank Befera led his first feature laps from the pole with Steve Estey, Robbie Cooper, Andy Davey and Bob Kintner in close attendance. Ryan Aho charged from the fifth row to fifth place, but Andy Grymala and Ronnie Malecki clashed, bringing out the caution flag with three laps complete. On the restart, Befera still led, but Estey was right on him and Aho just behind in third. By the 10-lap mark, Estey had the lead over Aho with Davey, Befera and Jay Kintner in the top five. Estey and Aho raced off to a ten car length lead over third place Davey who soon slowed and dropped out. Befera then hit the wall exiting turn four, bringing out the final caution flag with five circuits remaining. At the green, Estey kept to the bottom lane and Aho was not able to get by as Estey won his second feature of the month, the first coming on July 1. Jay Kintner, Jeff Tardy and Tyler Kintner finished in the top five.

Jeff Wood got the jump on Rick Cannata at the start of the WISSOTA modified feature but the lead lasted only to the exit of turn two when his car broke and he pulled off the track on the back stretch. The restart gave Copp the pole as he chose the inside position. Copp took the lead at the green with Cannata, Jeff Hart, Darrell Nelson and Kelly Estey running behind. Copp was running right on the bottom and pulling away until Travis Zollar spun, bringing out the first caution flag.

At the restart Copp again led Cannata, Nelson, Hart, Estey and Paul Schultz in the first three rows. Nelson got past Cannata and was right on Copp but couldn't get by as the midpoint was quickly reached in the 20-lap event.

Estey could never mount a challenge in the final laps as Copp completed his double feature night. Estey, Joes, Schultz and Cannata finished in the front five.


The final feature of the evening was for the Proctor pure stocks with Matt Hammitt leading off from the pole for the 15-lap run.

Rick Kesty shot past Hammitt into the lead with Dan Larsen in second and Kesty eventually won his first feature of the season with Hammitt finishing second.

Results Proctor Speedway

Sunday, July 15

WISSOTA late model (19 cars)

Heat 1: Harry Hanson; Aaron Lillo; Kyle Peterlin; John Massingill; Caley Emerson; Danny Young; Jeff Massingill; Gregg Hill; Joey Ogston; Jeff Broking.

Heat 2: Don Copp; Tim McMann; Darin Meierotto; Darrell Nelson; Bob Slater; Kevin Carlson; Jeff Lien; Jeff Provinzino, Todd Gehl.

Feature: (25 laps) Copp; J Massingill; Lillo; Meierotto; Nelson; Provinzino; Hanson; McMann; Carlson; Gehl; Jeff Massingill; Slater; Ogston; DNF: Young; Emerson; Peterlin; Hill; Lien; DNS: Broking.


WISSOTA modified (17 cars)

Heat 1: Jeff Hart; Kelly Estey; Rick Cannata; Paul Schultz; Kelly Checkalski; Brad Hanson; Jason Anderson; DNF: Jayme Lautigar; Marc Johnson.

Heat 2: Darrell Nelson; Jeff Wood; Don Copp; Justin Jones; Ken Hron; Travis Zollar; DNF: Nick Nelson; Duane Dale.

Feature: (20 laps) Copp; Estey; Jones; Schultz; Cannata; Hart; Hron; Checkalski; N Nelson; Dale; Johnson; Anderson; Zollar; Hanson; DNF: D Nelson; Lautigar; Wood.

WISSOTA super stock (28 cars)

Heat 1: Bob Kintner; Steve Estey; Jeff Forseen; Jay Kintner; Jeremy Fink; Ronnie Malecki; Adam Long; Gary Cornelison; DNF: Steve Carlson; Jeff Tardy.

Heat 2: Andy Davey; Donnie Lofdahl; Frank Befera; Art Hyde; Louis Meglen; Todd Carlson; Scott Heikkinen; Tom Treviranus; DNF: Scott Sertich.

Heat 3: Ryan Aho; Tyler Kintner; Robbie Cooper; Andy Grymala; Nick Oreskovich; Dustin Lunde; Kevin Salin; Dave Reynolds; DNF: Jay Kuras.

B Feature:(5 advance to feature) Tardy; Malecki; Lunde; T Carlson; Sertich; Long; Hiekkinen; Treviranus; Cornelison; S Carlson; DNF: Reynolds; Salin;DNS: Kuras.

Feature: (20 laps) Estey; Aho; J Kintner; Tardy; T Kintner; Lofdahl; B Kintner; Meglen; Oreskovich; Fink; Cooper; Malecki; Forseen; T Carlson; Sertich; DNF: Grymala; Davey; Befera; Hyde; Lunde.

WISSOTA Midwest modified (25 cars)

Heat 1: Clint Larson; Nick Lavato; Bill Matzdorf; Skeeter Estey; Willy Thompson; Barry Smith; Brad Anderson; E J Hietala; Andrew Inman

Heat 2: Cory Jorgenson; Greg Chesley; Deven Van House; Jeremy Hall; Monte Hall; Chais Eliason; Tom Morinville; DNF Loren Inman

Heat 3: Jesse Ogston; Mark Kangas; Nick Baker; Ken Perry; Al McDougall; Bill Brouse; Zak McClellan; DNF: Jimmy Latvala

Feature (20 laps) Jorgenson; Ogston; Estey; J Hall; Eliason; Thompson; Perry; Smith; Anderson; Kangas; Baker; Brouse; DNF: M Hall; Matzdorf; Hietala; Larson; Chesley; Van House; McDougall; L Inman; Morinville; McClellan; DNS: Latvala; Lavato.

Proctor pure stock (32 cars)

Heat 1: Tim Carlson; Tony Ciurleo; Pat Van Ert; Matt Johnson; Jeff Engelmeier; James Armstrong; DNF: Cory Lonetto; Tasha Rapp.

Heat 2: Jon McKinnon; Rick Kesty; Andrew LaBarge; LaRae Ralidak; Pete Ciurleo; Troy Wiseth; Cheryl Deloach; DNF: Dale Reynolds.

Heat 3: Matt Hammitt; Glen Dammer; Ashley Smith; Don Follett; Jeff Tormondson; Dave White; Alli Kresal; Al Rapp.

Heat 4: Dan Larsen; Scott Larsen; Richard Dezlak; Mark Korte; Jacob Morinville; Rick Cornelison; Gene Ziebol; Kyle Inman.

B Feature: (four advance to feature) A Rapp; Armstrong; Wiseth; Tormondson; Ziebol; Morinville; Cornelison; Deloach; Lonetto; White; Kresal; T Rapp; DNF: P Ciurleo; Engelmeier; Inman; DNS: Reynolds.

Feature (15 laps) Kestey; Hammitt; T Carlson; McKinnon; T Ciurleo; D Larsen; Ralidak; LaBarge; Dammer; Van Ert; A Rapp; S Larsen; Dezlak; Wiseth; Smith; Tormondson; Follett; Armstrong; Korte; DNF: Johnson.

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