Brewing in the pirkolator; Notes and quotes from Lance and Billy

With the great weather we have been experiencing, baseball and softball games are being played without cancellation for the first time in many years. If this is global warming or climate change, I'm all for it.

Lance and Billy

With the great weather we have been experiencing, baseball and softball games are being played without cancellation for the first time in many years. If this is global warming or climate change, I'm all for it.

Lots of really neat things have been happening in the sports arenas and on the fields of our area. Lance and Billy always have their eyes and ears open for stuff that needs to be told.

* How about the Superior Spartans boys and girls track teams? Coach Kris Leopold and his staff really has them performing at a high level. The girls won a meet at Menomonie against some high caliber teams they may be seeing in the sectional or state competition. At the Simpson meet, held at the Wellness Center at UWS, it was a sweep for the Spartans. Once again, at the Paquette, both the boys and girls teams took home the trophy.

Three meets, five championships. Not too shabby.

MVP's of the Paquette were Spartans' Zach Colvin and Christa Diedrich. How about that final lap kick by Matt Swanson in the 4x400? Check out the honor roll when it comes out in the Duluth News Tribune. Spartans, Spartans everywhere.


* The 6th Annual Tony "G" 3-on-3 Tournament is Saturday and Sunday at UWS. Bring a non-perishable food item as your admittance fee. In fact, bring more than one. For the past five years, Tony's family and friends have raised thousands of dollars that provides a scholarship in Tony Gigliotti's name at UWS. Tony loved basketball, he loved life, and he loved the Twins. Like Meatloaf said, "Two out of three ain't bad."

We love you Tony. You will always be with us.

* The Border Battle was held Saturday at UMD, and the Wisconsin boys and girls pulled off a sweep. About 1,100 fans were in attendance and were treated to some great play by both teams. Hopefully, details will be worked out to bring the battle to UWS next year. Last year's inaugural event was hosted by UWS, and an alternating schedule would be the best way to go. With the most beautiful campus in the WIAC, this event can serve as a tremendous recruiting tool for students and student-athletes.

* The Northwestern 3-on-3 Tournament was last weekend in Maple. Mike Granlund, aka Billy Pirkola, has been hosting this event since 1995. All of the money raised for the past 16 years has been used to help fund the basketball program in the Maple District With 95 teams participating this year, and with all of those who volunteer their time, another successful endeavor is in the books.

Steve Tecker, a graduate of the Lance Boyle School of Dunkology, won the dunk contest. He was a good student.

* Has anyone ever been all-state in baseball, basketball and football in the same year in the Badger State? We are researching that very question. Donnie Hissa could be a candidate. He has already been named to the football and basketball all-state teams. As a scholarship pitcher at Notre Dame for the Irish next season, he may join others in that exclusive club or be the first member so honored. Aside from his athletic skills, he is a humble and really good kid.

* On April 3, Lance, Chris and Alexa Leighton, and Tom and Kris Hansen motored to the new Target Field to take in the Cardinals-Twins exhibition game. It was a bright and sunny day in our third base line seats. Everyone brought winter clothing, but by the second inning, it was t-shirts and sun screen. Those in right field had to suffer through a windy 55 degrees while we basked in the 70 degree temps.

Target Field is incredible. The food was great and there is something about baseball played outside. Twin fans should love this place. Sure, it will have some rainouts and it may be cold when the Cardinals and Twins are in the World Series. Baseball was meant to be played outside, unless you have a retractable dome like the Brewers.


Cardinals in seven. Sorry, Mike Fredrickson.

* Saving the best for last, a special group of young ladies achieved something this past weekend in Stevens Point that has never been duplicated by a team from Superior, boys or girls.

Going 7-0 against some stiff competition from all around the state, these players won the state tournament and have placed themselves in the conscious of the rest of the state for the next four years.

SHS coach Dan Schulz and the returning Spartans will benefit greatly from the new freshmen next season. Coaches Mitch Lindstrom, Steve Fregin and Mark Nelson have had the pleasure of spending the past four seasons with Jessica Lindstrom, Hailey Kontny, Rachal Fregin, Emily Hansen, Taylor Nelson, Melissa Toland, Harmony Clarke, Shannon Johnstad and Morgan Kubarek.

During the past four years, playing up a grade in many tournaments, a record of 141-16 was compiled. Their record this season was 51-2. (Lance played on teams that lost more than two games when the other team failed to show.) What a great job by these ladies. Spartan basketball has a lot to look forward to.

Yogi Berra has said, "It's not over until it's over." Lance and Billy say, "It hasn't begun until it starts."

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