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Attorney general candidate shares ideas in Superior

Adam Jarchow intends to provide support to rural areas, law enforcement.

Adam Jarchow
Adam Jarchow
Contributed / Adam Jarchow
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A Republican candidate for attorney general with a focus on rural Wisconsin visited Superior on Jan. 6 for a meet-and-greet.

Adam Jarchow, 43, of Balsam Lake, announced his candidacy for the position in October. An attorney, business owner and former legislator who grew up in northern Wisconsin, the Polk County man said he has the right background for the position.

The attorney general is often referred to as the state’s “top cop,” but Jarchow sees it as more of a CEO position. The Attorney General’s Office has about 750 employees, including criminal prosecutors, crime lab staff, special agents and trainers with the Department of Criminal Investigations and more.

“My management philosophy is you hire great people, pay them the right amount of money, give them the right incentives, set great goals for them, and then hold them accountable,” Jarchow said. “And if you can do that, you have a successfully run business … I would bring that to the agency’s office.”

He also brings a working knowledge of the legislative branch, having served as state representative for the 28th Assembly District from 2014-2018.


“I think it’s incredibly important, because so much of what the AG does is working with the Legislature on a variety of things,” Jarchow said.

The attorney general serves as the eyes and ears of law enforcement, in a way. If 10 sheriffs bring up the same issue, he said, that’s a bill you can bring to the Legislature.

“I think it would be an incredible advantage to have an AG that served in the Legislature and was able to pass some really big important reforms,” Jarchow said.

One thing he doesn’t bring to the table is experience as a prosecutor. The Balsam Lake man sees that as a plus.

“To run an agency of that depth and breadth, it is a disadvantage to have had that legal background instead of the deep and broad 20-year background that I've had in my law practice," he said.

Supporting law enforcement is one of his top priorities. Jarchow has been on dozens of crash scenes with officers in his role as a volunteer firefighter.

“I just think these guys provide an incredible service and incredible value for the amount of money that we pay them,” Jarchow said. “I think they just need somebody who will talk like that, who will have their back, who will let the public know the job that they’re doing and how hard that job is.”

He disagrees with just about everything current Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, has done. If elected, Jarchow said one of the first things he would do is begin restoring cuts that Kaul made to the Department of Justice, including moving prosecutors from the civil to the criminal division and filling Department of Criminal Investigation positions, particularly in rural areas.


“We will spend a fair amount of time working on that budget process to make sure that law enforcement and prosecutors in rural Wisconsin have the resources that they need,” Jarchow said. “I think for me, a rural Wisconsin guy, it’s a huge deal.”

In addition to respecting people’s personal freedom and constitutional rights, Jarchow said he would also be a champion for northern Wisconsin.

“My intention is to make sure that our voices are heard, too,” he said.

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