Area Golf - Sept. 2

Botten's Friday Seniors Final Standings Darrel Kaldor/Bob Edwards 199 1/2 Larry Pearson/Murf Denny 196 Bob Clark/Leo Heino 191 Don Larsen/Bruce Miller 188 1/2 Jim Jonasen/Ken Larson 183 1/2 Denny Raas/Mel Dowell 181 1/2 Art Martin/Carl Renoos 172...


Friday Seniors

Final Standings

Darrel Kaldor/Bob Edwards 199 ½

Larry Pearson/Murf Denny 196


Bob Clark/Leo Heino 191

Don Larsen/Bruce Miller 188 ½

Jim Jonasen/Ken Larson 183 ½

Denny Raas/Mel Dowell 181 ½

Art Martin/Carl Renoos 172 ½

Randy Perala/Jack Homan 169 ½

Alan Yoshimoto/Dean Olson 155 ½

Gerry Walther/Jerry Jackson 155 ½


Al Callaway/Jim Soderlund 155

Steve Arnold/Denny White 146

Doug Botten/Twist Makie 138

Paul Dennis/Jim Hill 126

Gordy Schulties/Dave Korhonen 104

Low Scores: Steve Arnold, 38; Bob Edwards, 40; Murf Denny, Jim Jonasen, Ken Larson, Denny Raas, 41.

Events: Don Larsen, closest to the pin on No. 3; Mel Dowell, closest second shot on No. 5; Bob Edwards, long putt on No. 6; Jack Homan, long putt on No. 9.



Gopher Hole scramble

The Gopher Hole Lounge's second annual golf scramble benefit and pot luck dinner for the Douglas County Humane Society is Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Northwood Golf Course.

Tee times start at 10 a.m. and the pot luck meal, raffles, Karaoke and more will take place at the Gopher Hole beginning at 4 p.m.

Organizers are looking for hole and tee sponsors and donations such as kitten/cat food and littler and dog items, including bedding, toys and etc.

Benna Ford has also offered a two-year lease on a 2011 Ford Escape to any golfer lucky enough to hit a hole-in-one.

To sign up for the scramble, or for more information, contact Kathy or Larry Emons at the Gopher Hole, 715-374-2082 or 715-374-2479.

Wednesday A.M. Ladies

The Norwood Wednesday Morning Ladies event this week was blind partner. Theresa Noble and Sherry MacKiewicz won Division A and B while Bev Lundgren and Doris Aslyn won Division B and C.

Cy Bustrak and Ann Heinen were low golfers with 45. Bustrak's round included a birdie on No. 4.

Next week's event is stymie.



The Elk's League's position round scheduled for Wednesday at Nemadji will be made-up on Sept. 14. On Sept. 7 the league will follow the schedule for June 22.

Sept. 14 Position Round

Swanson/Stream vs. Bodeen/Donaldson, 8 a.m.; Matheson/Peterson vs. Carlson/Fasbender, 8:07 a.m.; Kangas/Hensen vs. Ronding/Erickson, 8:15 a.m.; Waite/Greely vs. Downs/Ellison/Halvorson, 8:23 a.m.; Pearson/Quinones vs. Griffith/Nelson/Lambert, 8:30 a.m.; Sislo/Rich vs. Sloan/Koski, 8:37 a.m.

Miller Championship

The team of Neil Sauter, Jordan Lings, Jim Rink, Doug Dickenson and Ray Nelson finished first in last weekend's Miller Team Championships at the Nemadji Golf Course.

The winners finished with 11 ½ points, well ahead of the second place team of Steve Barschdorf, Mike Archambeau, Shane Janssen, Kyle Backstrom and Brad Ballentine, who finished with 5 ½ points.

Miller Team Championship

Team No. 6 (Neil Sauter, Jordan Lings, Jim Rink, Doug Dickenson, Ray Nelson), 11.5 points; 2. Team No. 12 (Steve Barschdorf, Mike Archambeau, Shane Janssen, Kyle Backstrom, Brad Ballentine), 5.5; 3. Team 17 (Dave Williams, Tim Sauter, Steve Micken, Dave Kangas, Scott VanDamme), 5.2; 4. Team 15 (Mark Peterson, Steve Steele, Jim Barschdorf, Dave Quam, Terry Diskin), 5.0; 5. Team No. 10 (Dean Erdman, Tim Johnson, Brad Hendrickson, Brandon Berhow, Joe Koehler), 4.2; 6. Team 16 (Keith Erdman, Matt Kangas, Andy Dickenson, Steve Ledin, Wayne Swanson), 4.0.

Low Gross: Ross Fremont, 68; Mark Carlson, Mark Peterson, 70s; Paul Stande, Jordan Lings, Steve Barschdorf, 71s; Tim Sauter, 72; Tyler Austreng, 73.

Low Net: Doug Dickenson, John Kontny, 62s; Dave Lundquist, 64; Jim McGinnis, Tom Ledin, 66s; Justin Tobeck, Brian Erdman, Kyle Backstrom, John Menart, 67s.

Northern Pines

Mon. Morning Seniors

Tanula/Kinney 134 ½

T. Welty/Lind 127 ½

Granlund/Peterson/Mieritz 126 ½

Kulig/Peck 120

R. Gustafson/Geisregen 112 ½

Carpentier/D. Welty 112

Roode/Wiegand 104

Brunner/Kangas 100

Zinnecker/Johnson 100

Fick/Reedy 97 ½

Prell/Rantala 95 ½

Berge/Schmidt 95 ½

Beeksma/Jardine 92

Gazdik/Pohjonen 91

Birch/Ollenberger 85 ½

Beard/Boggess 82 ½

G. Gustafson/Spangle 57

Maki/Weyandt 50 ½

Bare/Anderson 49

Olson/Downing 47 ½

Goetsch/Goetsch 43 ½

Low Scores: T. Welty/Lind, 33; Tanula/Kinney, 34; Granlund/Peterson/Mieritz, Carpentier/D. Welty, Roode/Wiegand, Fick/Reedy, 37s; Kulig/Peck, Berge/Schmidt, Brunner/Kangas, 38s; R. Gustafson/Geisregen, Zinnecker/Johnson, Prell/Rantala, Beeksma/Jardine, Gazdik/Pohjonen, Birch/Ollenberger, 39s.

Events: John Geisregen, long drive on No. 2; Terry Welty, closest to pin on No. 3, long putt on No. 9; Dan Welty, closest second shot on No. 4.

Green Dreamers

Karen Goneau won closest to the pin on No. 3 on Aug. 30 in the Green Dreamers Ladies League at Northern Pines Golf Course in Iron River.

Winner for closest second shot on No. 7 was Sharon Bonneville and Ann Asplund chipped-in on No. 6.

Next week's events will be closest to the apple tree on No. 7 and closest to the rock on No. 8.

Low Scores: Deb Tischler, 43; Karen Helenius, 47; Maggie Bare, Myrna Kangas, Karen Goneau, Esther Ollenberger, 48s; Marlene Parkhurst, 49.

Low Net: Flight 1 - Deb Tischler, Karen Helenius, Myrna Kangas, Maggie Bare, 37s; Flight 2 - Karen Goneau, 48; Flight 3 - Phyllis Beeksma, 38; Flight 4 - Lois Koval, 38.

Pattison Park

Tuesday Morning Ladies

Deb Mayhew was crowned league champion and medalist of the match-play tournament in the Tuesday Morning Ladies League at Pattison Park Golf Course.

Julie Hines finished second and Kelly Reed and Julie Meysman tied for third.

Match Play Tournament

League Champion and Medalist: Deb Mayhew; 2. Julie Hines; 3 (tie) Kelly Reed, Julie Meysman.

1st Flight: 1. Carol Drain; 2. Robin Anderson; 3. (tie) Gail Erdman, Barb Buhr.

2nd Flight: 1. Jeannette Modeen; 2. Beth Olson; 3. (tie) Kathy Nelson, Hazel Schweikert.

3rd Flight: 1. (tie) Mary Omberg, Nancy Christianson; 3. (tie) Fran Aspdal, Carole Strohman.

4th Flight: 1. Gretchen Horyza; 2. Kathy Lehman; 3. Merna Hammerbeck; 4. Kathy Lisdahl.

5th Flight: 1. Pat Borgh; 2. Elaine Pohto; 3. (tie) Delores Larson, Carol Smith.

6th Flight: 1. (tie) Cathy Schweikert, Diana Christman; 3. Barb Moran; 4. Joan Flesching.

7th Flight: 1. (tie) Shirley Johnson, Kay Law; 3. (tie) Kay Peters, Fran Flaherty.

8th Flight: 1. Karen Troyer; 2. Jan Keene; 3. Leila Aalto.


Wednesday Morning

Moreland/Ronchi 242 ½

Erickson/Paulson 220 ½

Stanford/Berg 214

Clausen/Protowicz 213 ½

Jones Sr./Deterling 212

Nelson/Stariha 209 ½

Goodermote/Kelleher 203

Markley/Raygor 187

Lamers/Bolen 178

Carlson/Gault 176 ½

Johnson/Williams 161 ½

Harju/Norman 135 ½

Johnson/Carlson 118 ½

Low Scores: Virgil Nelson, 38; Bill Arbuckle, Chick Jondreau, 40; Ted Lamers, Bob Ronchi, 41.

Events: John Deterling, closest third shot on No. 1; Nelson, closest to pin on No. 6; Bob Stanford, closest second shot on No. 7; Pat Moreland, closest to pin on No. 8; Muff Johnson, long putt on No. 9.

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