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Nemadji Hole-in-one Hermantown's Dan Sundquist aced the 136-yard 14th hole on the South course at the Nemadji Golf Course on Monday with an 8-iron. Monday A.M. Match Play The Monday Morning Ladies League at Nemadji will wrap up the season with a ...



Hermantown's Dan Sundquist aced the 136-yard 14th hole on the South course at the Nemadji Golf Course on Monday with an 8-iron.

Monday A.M. Match Play

The Monday Morning Ladies League at Nemadji will wrap up the season with a team scramble on Aug. 18.


There will be a shotgun start on the North course at 9 a.m. with a luncheon to follow. All subs are welcome. Please see details and sign-up sheet or call Mary Meierotto, 394-7379.


Par Seekers 1331?2

Chip Ins 115

Roughians 1141?2

Eagles 114

Mother Putters 1111?2

Duffers 100


Long Shots 911?2

Chip Shots 811?2

Low Scores: Gail Johnson, 41; Lynda Carlson, 44; Deb Mayhew, 46; Christine Barschdorf, 47; Kathy Johnson, Tina Rogers, 48s; Deb Battuello, 49.

Wed. Morning Women

The Nemadji Wednesday Morning Women's League will play the East/West course this week.

Last week's event winner for odd holes were Mary Meierotto and Lorraine Lisdahl.

Low scores were: Meierotto, 85; and Joan Haugland, 99, for 18 holes and Barb Buhr, 46; Jean Sellers, 47; and Lorraine Lisdahl, 48, for nine holes.

Thursday Morning Ladies


The Thursday Morning Ladies League will play the East course this week with the event being a three or four-person scramble or a two-person alternate shot. The draw for partners at 8:15 a.m. and tee times begins at 8:30 a.m.

Last week's winner was Laraine Matushak with a low net of 28.

Low Scores: Kathy Nelson, Pam Locken, 45s; Laraine Matushak, 46.

Thursday Night Ladies

The Nemadji Thursday Night Ladies Golf League will be on the East course. The event is team one ball (alternate shots).

Women's Club Championship

Amy Patenaude finished first in the championship flight of the Nemadji Women's Club Championship last weekend at the Nemadji Golf Course.



Championship flight: 1. Amy Patenaude, 2. Pat Kelly, 3. Ginger Smith, 4. Deb Meyhew.

1st flight: 1. Julie Hines, 2. Mary Meierotto, 3. Michelle Nelson, 4. Vicky Schold.

2nd flight: 1. Cyndee Johnson, 2. Kathy Nelson, 3. Cathy Meysman.

3rd flight: 1. Penny Graskey, 2. Lois Oakman, 3. Renna Rychlak, 4. Brenda Milinkovich.

4th flight: 1. Barb Hoag, 2. Lynda Carlson, 3. Michelle Reider, 4. Liza Walker.

5th flight: 1. Moe Miller, 2. Rosanne Hoffren, 3. Karen Barschdorf.

6th flight: 1. Delores Graden, 2. Rhonda Anderson, 3. Gail Erdman, 4. Carol Drain.

7th flight: 1. Mary Sundet, 2. Tracy Somerville, 3. Sue Ferfon.


Monday Morning Match Play

Final Standings

Par Seekers 1451?2

Chip Ins 1281?2

Roughians 1261?2

Eagles 1241?2

Mother Putters 119

Duffers 1161?2


Chip Shots 99

Long Shots 98

Low Scores: Mary Meierotto, 39; Tina Rogers, 43; Barb Buhr, 46; Deb Battuello, Roberta Berquist, Carol Drain, Kathy Nelson, 47s; Christine Barschdorf, 48; Lynda Carlson, Kathy Johnson, Lois Oakman, 49s.

NOTE: Final play will be a team best ball on the East course on Monday with a shot gun start at 9 a.m. Please see the sign-up sheet or call Mary Meierotto, 394-7379.

Nemadji Seniors

Olde Towne Galleries 361

National Bank of Commerce 349

Lakehead Constructors Inc. 3371?2

Superior Bank 336

Miller High Life 3271?2

Belknap Plaza 321

Les Bird's Bar 320

Dugout Lounge 315

Nemadji Golf Shop 315

Jeff Foster Trucking 315

Kari Toyota 3111?2

Jerry's Electric 3091?2

Ex-DOT's 307

Capri Bar/VIP Pizza 297

Trends 294

Rustic Bar 294

Bud Light Longballers 2901?2

West Duluth Chiropractic Clinic 2841?2

AMSOIL Inc. 2831?2

McGladrey & Pullen 278

Low Scores: Dan Egnash, 33; Mark Peterson, 35; Tom Higgins, 36; Doug Gault, Mike Martin, 37s; Rob Stenberg, Steve Wasserman, 37s; Kevin LaJoie, Dave Larson, Jerry Sjoberg, Dennis VanMassenhove, 39s; Joe McLaughlin, Mike Johnson, Jim Rink, Bob Lee, Steve Koszarek, Ron Carlson, Leo Nahman, Ken Thompson, Lee Bergquist, 40s.

Team Matches: Superior Bank over Miller High Life, 301?2-181?2; Kari Toyota over Bud Light Longballers, 301?2-171?2; NBC over Trends, 291?2- 181?2; Lakehead Constructors over Belknap Plaza, 281?2-191?2; Jeff Foster Trucking over AMSOIL, 28-20; Les Bird's Bar over Rustic Bar, 271?2-201?2; Olde Towne Galleries over McGladrey & Pullen, 271?2-201?2; Ex-DOT's over Jerry's Electric, 27-21; Capri/VIP Pizza over West Duluth Chiropractic Clinic, 251?2-221?2; Nemadji Golf Shop over Dugout, 251?2-221?2.

Junior Optimist

Day 1 Championship Flight Results

Boys 15-17

Rob Kraft, 77; Joel Pettingill, 78; Andy Heytens, Justin Alexson, 79s.

Boys 12-14

Gabe Dinkel, 76; Trent Sundbom, Aaron Rich, 84s; Andy Krasaway, 85.

Boys 8-11

Dan Burger, Liam Butche, Thomas Otters, 46s; Ben Scrignoli, 50.

Girls 15-17

Haley Wolfe, 83; Tabitha Kunst, 88.

Girls 8-11

Amanda Larson, 50; Jacie Olson, 73.

Pattison Park

Friday Men

Meysman/Johnsen 421?2

Fasbender/Sabin 411?2

Kivisto/Homick 391?2

Bee/Mcginnes 39

Hellerud/Keppers 371?2

Nottenberg/Bergren 351?2

Stramko/Modeen 35

Wilson/Curley 311?2

Steltz/Moran 31

Merila/Matson 27

Low scores: T.J. Bergren/Mark Hellerud, 37; Denny/Bee-38; R. Meysman/M. Moran, 38; G. Modeen/V. Sabin, H. Matson/R. Steltz, 39s.

NOTE: The third-place team will provide lunch on Friday.


Wed. Night Couples

American Division

Bergman 23

Elmore 20

Christianson 191?2

Aspdal/Keppers 17

Borgh/Zinmer 151?2

Flaherty 151?2

Paine 13

Crotty 121?2

Jardine 10

National Division

Odermann 211?2

Larson 21 

Benesch 171?2

Lundgren 17

Greely 161?2

Edgette 151?2

Holm 15  

Breitzman 14

Ness/Laliberte 13

Broderson 121?2

Rydberg 121?2

Dickenson/Sauter 12

Hubbard 10

Currie 9

Low Men: Chris Christianson, Doug Dickenson, Jim Benesch, 35s; Tim Sauter, Ken Lundgren, 36s; Dave Larson, 38. Low Women: Lyn Larson, 40; Nancy Breitzman, 43; Kris Lundgren, 44; Sharon Elmore, Fran Aspdal, Nanci Jardine, Jill Edgette, Char Currie, 45s.

Thursday Night League

Raaflaub/Carlson 1701?2

Modeen 162

Erdman 161

Sayles/Mertz 1571?2   

Moran 156

Thompson 1491?2

B&K Berry 1461?2

Larson 146

Kebhart/Christman 144

Keppers/Odegard 1421?2

Lind/S. Reijo 1371?2

J. Reijo/Hot Fran 137

Johnson 134

Lehman 133

Warring 133

Dalbec 129

Hammerbeck 124

W&L Barry 121

Pezze 121

Ruport/Sorenson 121

League Championship Pairings

Raaflaub/Carlson vs. Modeen; Erdman vs. Sayles/Mertz; Moran vs. Thompson; B&K Berry vs. Larson; Kebhart/Christman vs. Keppers/Odegard; Lind/Reijo vs. Reijo/Hot Fran; Johnson vs. Lehman; Warring vs. Dalbec; Hammerbeck vs. W&L Barry; Pezze vs. Ruport/Sorenson.

Low Men: Greg Sayles, 34; John Raaflaub, 36; Gib Modeen, 37; Bob Erdman, Larry Larson, Jim Reijo, 39s.

Low Women: Lynda Carlson, 37; Jeanette Modeen, 40; Gail Erdman, 41; Kathy Lehman, Karen Mertz, 43s; Hot Fran, Carol Drain, Diane Larson, 45s; Lauri Barry, 46; Dianna Christman, Barb Moran, 47; Merna Hammerbeck, 48; Barb Pezze, 49.

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