A Superior man is recovering after a possible hit-and-run in the Billings Park neighborhood early Saturday morning, and he's looking for the woman who he said saved his life.

John Dromeshauser, 50, was walking home from a friend's house Saturday morning, and remembers looking at the time on his phone — 2:11 a.m. — just before he saw the reflection of headlights in the signs ahead of him. He looked back, and said he saw a car moving in his direction. It was still far away, so he moved as far over to the side of the road as possible.

The next thing he remembers is laying in the street near North 28th Street and Elmira Avenue after being shaken awake by a woman who was asking him if he was OK.

Now, he's recovering at Essentia Health with a broken ankle, tibia, fractured skull and broken ribs. He said he also suffered a concussion and is struggling with his short-term memory.

He doesn't know the woman who found him, but he is hoping to find her.

"I want to thank that lady that saved me, that found me," Dromeshauser said. "I don't know who she is, but I want to thank her."

He also wants to know if anyone has any information on who might have hit him. Perhaps someone noticed a car that sustained damage over the weekend, he said.

"Someone has got to know something," Dromeshauser said.

Dromeshauser expects he'll be moved to a rehabilitation facility, further delaying the completion of his Associate of Applied Science degree from Lake Superior College.

While Dromeshauser said he had a few drinks before walking home, he doesn't believe it was enough to incapacitate him.

In an email to the News Tribune on Monday, Assistant Chief Matt Markon of the Superior Police Department confirmed that authorities responded to a reported hit-and-run Saturday morning and said the incident is under investigation.

"I can confirm that officers from Superior PD, the Superior Fire Department and Mayo Ambulance responded to a reported hit-and-run at 2:20 a.m. on Jan. 25 near North 28th Street and Elmira Avenue," Markon said. "We aren’t planning to release any information regarding the incident."