Work is wrapping up on the $23.4 million Belknap Street reconstruction project, and it will be another year before state highways in the city get some needed attention.

That doesn't mean the city doesn't have sights on getting some street work done this year.

One large project this year is the pavement replacement of North 28th Street from Hill Avenue to the tracks, and includes replacement of the rail crossing, Public Works Director Todd Janigo said. The estimated $900,000 project, partially funded by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, goes out for bid in July, he said.

It's the only major project that gets underway this year in Superior but the city plans to mill about 4.5 miles of city streets and lay asphalt for about 5.5 miles. The total cost for those projects is about $800,000.

Asphalt milling is getting underway for paving operations expected to start around June 17:

• Baxter and Fisher avenues from North 13th to Belknap streets;

• Lamborn and Hill avenues from Belknap to North 21st streets;

• John Avenue from Belknap to North 16th streets;

• Oakes Avenue from North 16th to 18th streets;

• Hammond Avenue from North 21st to 28th streets;

• North 14th Street between Fisher Avenue and the Post Office parking lot, Grand and Cumming, and Ogden and Hughitt avenues;

• North 16th Street from Lamborn to Hammond, and John and Hughitt avenues;

• North 17th from Tower to John avenues;

• Lincoln Street from Catlin to Fisher avenues;

• North 19th Street between Weeks and Cummings, and Lamborn and Baxter avenues;

• North 20th from John to Ogden avenues;

• North 22nd from Hughitt to John avenues;

• 18th Avenue E from East Third to Ninth streets;

• 21st Avenue East from Hill Avenue to East Fifth Street;

• North 63rd Street between Tower and Banks avenues;

• John Avenue from North 62nd to North 64th streets.

Asphalt overlays are also planned for:

• Elm Avenue from Winter to North 12th streets;

• North 13th Street from Cedar to Elm avenues;

• 21st Avenue East from East 10th to 11th streets;

• 23rd Avenue East from East 11th to 12th streets;

• Fourth Avenue East between East Fifth Street and the tracks;

• Banks Avenue from North 63rd to 64th streets;

• Weeks Avenue from North 58th Street to the ballfield.

Seven alleys will also be paved this year with adjacent property owners sharing part of the cost.

The city's street division is responsible for year round maintenance of 212 miles of streets and 51.5 miles of alley.