Authorities on Wednesday identified the man killed by law enforcement officers in Ashland on May 22 as 33-year-old Joseph M. Tedrick.

Two deputy U.S. Marshals and one Sheboygan police officer, who were working with a task force to apprehend Tedrick on a federal warrant, were involved in the shooting, according to a Wisconsin Department of Justice news release. The names of the officers were not released, nor was the nature of the warrant Tedrick was wanted on.

The Oregonian in August reported that Tedrick was charged in Portland with a felony and several misdemeanors after he led police on a chase with a child in the backseat, left the car and attempted to swim across a river. Oregon court records show he failed to appear for several court dates following the incident.

On May 22, the DOJ said Tedrick “entered a vehicle and struck and then pushed a U.S. Marshal’s vehicle for a distance. As the subject was attempting to flee in the vehicle, law enforcement observed the subject handling a firearm. Law enforcement fired on the subject and hit the subject in the car.”

The Division of Criminal Investigation “is continuing to collect evidence and determine the facts of this incident and will turn over investigative reports to the Ashland County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation concludes,” according to a Department of Justice news release.