Superior's City Council adopted an ordinance Tuesday, May 21 that gives pet owners the flexibility to have more than three cats and three dogs.

The new ordinance even allows people to have pets that are currently prohibited.

People can apply for an exception to the city's ordinance, which would have to be approved by the city's humane officer and the police chief or the chief's designee.

Applications would be evaluated based on an individual's ability to care for the animals adequately and whether it would create a nuisance for neighbors. Neighbors would have the opportunity to weigh in on the decision, and renters would have to get permission from their landlords.

At the time the application is submitted, the applicant must provide a photocopy of their driver's license or photo ID, all veterinary records for the past year, pets must be current on required vaccinations and have current animal licenses, and list the number and breed of animals. Applicants must also provide a statement to humane officer on why the permit is being sought.