A bill that eliminates tax deductions for moving expenses for businesses that leave Wisconsin passed the Senate Wednesday, May 15. State Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Delta, has championed the legislation for years.

"Most people are shocked when I tell them that under current law, a business may deduct from its Wisconsin income or franchise taxes all expenses that the business paid to move operations out of the state, including expenses paid to relocate outside of the United States," Bewley said in a news release. " I don't think it makes sense for the state to give this kind of tax break to companies that are taking jobs to other states and other countries."

Bewley, who represents the 25th Senate District, said she's introduced the bill in previous sessions, but it never moved forward.

"In fact, when I first introduced it in 2011, not a single one of my Republican colleagues signed onto the bill," Bewley said. "I kept at it and after years of effort, I handed the bill over to Representative Neylon and Senator Feyen, who agreed to be lead authors on the bill."

With 21 Republican co-authors, the bill passed the Assembly April 9, according to the Wisconsin State Legislature website.

"I hope this new-found spirit of bipartisanship is a harbinger of even more good things to come," Bewley said.