Superior's Public Works Committee approved a route extension that will link the village of Superior to existing all-terrain and utility-task vehicle road routes in Superior.

The new route would run from North 58th to North 64th streets on Oakes Avenue and North 60th Street between Oaks Avenue and the existing alley route between Banks and Tower avenues.

Before considering the additional year-round route, the committee directed staff to notify residents in the vicinity of the proposed route.

Public Works Director Todd Janigo said 51 letters were mailed to residents in the area. He and Councilor Dan Olson, who represents the district, said they hadn't heard from anyone concerning the proposed addition.

One person, Jeff Rosburg, who lives along the new route attended the meeting to question signage because he's observed people some straying from the designated road route when they go to get gas in South Superior.

Janigo said that would be an enforcement issue. And if it's a persistent problem in a specific area, he said, the city could post signs that indicate ATVs and UTVs are not allowed in that area.

Councilor Jenny Van Sickle encouraged calling the city when problems are observed so the city can track problem areas to address the issue.

"Once they receive a citation, they won't do it again," Councilor Esther Dalbec said.

Rosburg said he was in favor of the route extension.

The measure still has to be approved by the City Council before the route is posted. It goes to the Council for consideration June 4.