Music students from Superior High School competed in the state solo/ensemble festival in Eau Claire on May 4.

SHS students earning a top rating of 1 included:

• Madeline Casey, soprano solo;

• Natalie Sandor, violin solo;

• Presley Beron, violin solo;

• Ivan Zambori, alto solo;

• Tiff Willie, soprano solo and musical theater;

• Keely Nelson and Madeline Casey, soprano duet;

• Lance Mosier, baritone/bass solo;

• Natalie Sandor and Ben Hintzmann, piano duet;

• Malita Villamayor, flute solo; Ailee Miller, flute solo;

• Logan Lien, bass clarinet solo;

• Ben Hintzmann, piano solo;

• Natalie Sandor, piano solo;

• Nathan Young, tuba solo;

• Wesley Engebretson, tuba solo;

• Ashley Sucher and Dakota Dansereau, trumpet duet.

Student musical groups earning a top rating of 1 included the chamber orchestra, saxophone quartet, flute choir, jazz ensemble and jazz combo.

Students earning a rating of 2 included:

• Shanna Smith, soprano solo;

• Abby Dolsen, soprano solo;

• Natalie Sandor and Owen Schilling, violin/cello duet;

• Nguyen Nam and Sawyer Dunbar, violin duet;

• Thomas Chicka, viola solo;

• Rae Dunbar, alto saxophone solo;

• Saxophone choir.

Mary Lind earned a rating of 3 for her flute solo.