Everyone take a deep breath. Calm down. It snows in April nearly every year. You can handle this.

Just go find the shovel in case.

After a full month without any measurable snow in Duluth, a strong spring snowstorm appears to be targeting parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin for Thursday.

The National Weather Service is expecting the snowstorm to dump a foot or more snow across parts of the region, although the exact track remained uncertain Monday.

Computer models are predicting a heavy band of precipitation stretching from Nebraska, across eastern South Dakota and central Minnesota and into northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's not yet clear how much of that will fall as rain or snow, with temperatures hovering near the freezing mark.

The Northland appears to be on the northern edge of the current storm track, although that can change.

A winter storm watch already is posted for late Wednesday to early Friday for western Minnesota.

The snow should turn back to all rain with warmer temperatures on Friday. And most of it will melt fast, with sunny skies and high temperatures well into the 40s forecast for Duluth by the weekend.

Duluth's last measurable snowfall was 4.5 inches March 9-10.

April snowstorms aren't just common in the Northland, they are often heavy. Duluth saw 18.5 inches of snow in April 2018, 1.9 inches in 2017, 9.8 inches in 2016, 1.3 inches in 2015 and a whopping 26.3 inches in 2014. But those all pale in comparison to April 2013 when 50.8 inches of snow fell on Duluth, the snowiest month ever recorded in the city.