Incumbents ruled the day in Superior City Council elections.

Councilors Jenny Van Sickle in the 2nd, Jack Sweeney in the 4th and Craig Sutherland in the 8th held onto their seats Tuesday, April 2.

Van Sickle faced a challenge from Parks Commissioner Tom Wondolkowski, but held onto the seat for a second term with 56.5 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results.

Sweeney, who joined the council in 2013, took 55.2 percent of the vote Tuesday after a challenge from Superior School Board member Laura Gapske.

Sutherland defeated challenger Matt Osterlund with 58.9 percent of the vote, holding onto the seat for a second term.

In other contested races in Douglas County, voters decided (winners in bold):

* (i) is incumbent


Dairyland chairman

Fran Reinhardt (i)*, 75

Russell Sullivan, 28

Dairyland board (2)

Gene Visger, 52

Glen Hughes (i), 63

Trent Sprague, 37

Jeff Johnson, 34

Gordon town clerk

Stephanie James, 138

Vickie Eastwood (i), 122

Hawthorne board (2)

Conrad Johnson (i), 87

Guy Clemmer (i), 101

Josh Kubarek, 68

Lakeside board (2)

Jon Winter (i), 66

Gerald Tutor, 59

Mary Peterson (i), 71

Maple board (2)

Jon TePoel (i), 67

Marty Laakso, 81

Gary Saari, 94

Solon Springs chairperson

Angela Botner, 100

Doug McCuskey (i), 94

Solon Springs referendum

Yes, 107

No, 98

Superior chairman

Jim Haasis, 217

Ronald Pete (i), 252

Superior board (2)

Robert Zimmerman (i), 207

Brandon Greenfield, 147

Janet Dalbec (i), 198

William Conner, 252

Wascott board (2)

Chuck Youngquist, 142

Bob Beglinger, 112

Jan Jenson, 166


Lake Nebagamon president

Darrell Kyle, 189

Jim Smith, 58

Solon Springs board

Melissa Johnson (i), 57

Renee Vandenberghe, 50