A coat rack on the sidewalk filled with jackets isn't a typical sight, but it can be useful for people who find themselves in need of winter ware.

After scrolling through Facebook and seeing that someone had done it elsewhere, Craig Sutherland, marketing director for Apple House CBD, was inspired.

"I thought, 'that's amazing. We've got to do something like that,'" Sutherland said. "I tossed the idea out there and within 24 hours we had a coat rack outside ... and the jackets just followed after."

The sign in the window of the hemp-based product store encourages those in need of a coat to take one. It also invites members of the community to leave coats they no longer need.

"It's just kind of a way to give back," Sutherland said. He said people have dropped off everything from children's outerwear to dress coats and jackets. In some cases, the coats that were left still had the sales tags attached.

"It's a good way for the community to come together," Sutherland said. "There's a lot of places where you can drop stuff off for free, but this one is out there in the public."

And it's available day or night for people in need of cold weather gear.

"It seems like every morning the jackets cycle through," Sutherland said. He said there is always a jacket that will stand out, and it's interesting to see when it cycles off the rack.

"It's going pretty good," he said. "I've seen a lot of people at the rack, putting stuff up and grabbing some."

Sutherland said he's noticed people smile when they drop off the coats for someone who may need it. He even had one man shake his hand and lean in for a hug as he dropped off coats and draped them in plastic.

With last week's heavy, wet snow and rain, Sutherland said they would have to head over to the laundromat to run the coats through the dryer, but he said it's definitely worth it.

"People come in and thank us for doing it, and it's not even us really," Sutherland said. "It's people bringing in the coats and the rack. It's the whole community coming together."

In addition to the coats, there is a box there where people can drop off or pick up mittens and hats in front of Apple House CBD, 1613 Tower Ave.

"If you work in a business or own a business, put one up yourself," Sutherland said. "Get everyone to do it. I'd like to see a mitten tree. Do it up and down the business district ... that's what Superior is about."