Two Superior residents are facing felony drug charges after authorities reportedly snagged 38 pounds of marijuana and hundreds of marijuana-filled vaporizer cartridges from a storage locker in Superior's Itasca neighborhood .

Liam Scott Johnson, 20, and Emily Mae Wrazidlo, 19 ,each face one count of party to possession with intent to deliver marijuana and one count of party to conspiracy to commit possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Johnson was also charged with three felony bail jumping counts; Wrazidlo with one.

The two waived their preliminary hearings Wednesday, Nov. 28 in Douglas County Circuit Court. Both remained in custody at the Douglas County Jail. Cash bail of $100,000 was set for each and they were ordered to have no contact with each other.

According to the criminal complaint, a search warrant was executed Nov. 19 after Johnson and Wrazidlo had backed a vehicle into the storage locker, which was being rented by a relative of Wrazidlo's. Inside were a number of tires without rims, two 50-gallon totes and two stackable drawers.

Investigators reported finding nearly 38 pounds of marijuana packaged in one-pound bags in the totes. They also found 607 marijuana vaporizer cartridges and "Donk Nuggets" containing marijuana in the drawers. Authorities estimated the street value of the drugs to be nearly $220,000.

A subsequent warrant search of Johnson's room in a residence on the 4700 block of East Second Street turned up nearly $45,000 in cash, including $37,000 in a plastic shopping bag inside of a toybox.

Paperwork for Wrazidlo and an estimate for damage to the vehicle Johnson was driving were also found at the residence. The estimate lists Johnson as the owner of the vehicle.

The pair have a number of open cases currently going through Douglas County Court.

Johnson and Wrazidlo were charged in February with party to possession with intent to deliver marijuana near a park for alleged drug-dealing activity taking place from a car parked behind Champion's Bar in Superior.

Johnson was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana and numerous counts of bail jumping for a Sept. 22 incident in which nearly 20 ounces of marijuana wax were found in a car he was driving.

He is also facing unrelated charges for felony aggravated battery and misdemeanor obstructing an officer, both 2017 cases.

Both Johnson and Wrazidlo are set to make their next appearance in court Jan. 11. If convicted, both the conspiracy and possession charges carry a maximum penalty of 15 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $50,000.