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Greenwood offers garden for loved-ones’ legacies

A new gazebo and garden at Greenwood Cemetery offers a lower cost, green solution to a final resting place for cremations. Courtesy of Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is unveiling a new, lower cost, option to serve as a final resting place for cremations. You can choose to have your loved one’s name engraved on a granite monument.

A cremation garden and gazebo have been put in place and are available now. No urn is required — ashes are combined with the earth. Designed as an affordable, and green, alternative to traditional interment, the garden and gazebo are a beautiful addition to the cemetery grounds.

The cost for the garden is about 20 percent of the cost of a traditional interment. The basic plan includes perpetual record-keeping as with all burials at Greenwood. Adding the option of having the person’s name engraved on a granite monument results in a cost of about 40 percent of a traditional burial.

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