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Another Democrat plans to challenge Duffy

Another Democratic candidate has entered the race to take on U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wausau, in the 2018 election for the U.S. House of Represents.

Kyle Frenette, a small business owner, entrepreneur and the longtime manager of Wisconsin-based musician Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver, jumped into the race for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District today, according to a news release issued by Kyle for Wisconsin.

Frenette is running to win the Democratic nomination and ultimately take on Rep. Sean Duffy in November.

"As we have seen in Wisconsin and across the nation, vulnerable right-wing Republicans like Duffy have paid a stiff price for their irresponsible votes to take away health care and reward the wealthiest at the expense of working Americans," Frenette said. He said he will make a strong case to the voters of the 7th District that he stands with them rather than wealthy donors.

Frenette was raised in a working-class family in Chippewa Falls and resides in Chetek. His father is an inventory manager at a telecom company and his mother is a secretary. At an early age, he set out to turn his love of music into a lasting career and founded an independent record label while attending college in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"I grew up in a time when hard work and helping your neighbors was enough to get ahead and build a good life for you and your family, but that's not the case anymore," Frenette said. "We need to ensure that every person, young or old — no matter their race, gender or income is given the same fair shot to succeed. I'm running because we have an opportunity to empower each other to make a real difference for our great state and nation."

After completing a two-year degree in business, Frenette moved back to Wisconsin and began managing Bon Iver. He navigated the band's meteoric rise — which included sold-out tours worldwide, multiple Grammy Awards, and gold and platinum selling albums — and founded Middle West, an independent artist management firm. And in 2011 he was included in both Billboard's and Forbes' "30 Under 30" lists for music.

Frenette is running for Congress because he wants to bring Wisconsin back to Washington. "It's time we choose prosperity for all over the greed of a few," said Frenette. "And that starts from the bottom-up - with good jobs, quality education, protecting our environment, and a health care system that serves everyone."

The Kyle For Wisconsin campaign ventures out on a tour across the district in the coming months, hoping to make stops in all 26 counties with dates to be announced soon.