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Woman charged in connection with Billings Park shooting

A Duluth woman allegedly involved in a November shooting incident in Superior's Billings Park neighborhood made an initial appearance last week in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Ashlee Hope Roberts, 18, faces felony party to aggravated burglary and misdemeanor obstructing an officer. One count of felony party to armed robbery was dismissed by Court Commissioner Rebecca Lovejoy.

An arrest warrant was issued Nov. 17 for Edward Isaiah Austin, who faces attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Superior man was shot the night of Nov. 15 in his Billings Park residence.

Roberts had been communicating with the reported victim through Snapchat, and the conversation became sexual in nature. They had discussed having her come over to exchange companionship for items. Roberts messaged the victim the night of the shooting, saying she was parked in the alley behind his home.

When the victim let Roberts in, Austin came after and hit him in the face. The Superior man told Police Detective Gregory Swanson that Roberts was in the kitchen with them when Austin fired a handgun at him.

Roberts allegedly told Swanson that Austin got wind of her snapchat conversations with the Superior man and they decided they wanted to rip the guy off. Austin and the reported victim knew each other through a contentious Craigslist car sale. The victim told police officers that Austin bought his car but never paid for it so he repossessed it.

Austin was the one with the plan, Roberts said. She told Swanson she did not know Austin was going to shoot anyone, and they never discussed the incident would be a robbery, but she had a "gut feeling."

Cash bail of $15,000 was set for Roberts and she was ordered to have no contact with the reported victim or the Duluth man accused of shooting him, Austin.