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Warrant issued for street robbery suspect

A warrant has been issued for a Duluth man who allegedly robbed, threatened and punched a Superior man as he was walking home from Walgreens.

William Lee Roner, 40, faces charges of felony armed robbery and misdemeanor battery, both as a repeater. The charges were filed Monday in Douglas County Circuit Court, the day the arrest warrant was issued. The most serious charge, armed robbery, carries a maximum penalty of 40 years of imprisonment and fine up to $100,000.

According to the criminal complaint:

Roner approached the reported victim at the intersection of Tower Avenue and North 20th Street at about 10 p.m. Jan. 10 asking for money, mentioning something about having a family and three kids.

The Superior man reached into his pocket to pull out his cash and give the man a few dollars. Roner forcibly grabbed the cash from his hand and threatened to shoot him. Roner then punched the reported victim in the side of the face and took off running.

The Superior man ran after him, trying to get his money back. Roner tossed his jacket on the ground during the pursuit and kept running. Inside the jacket was a wallet containing a driver's license for Roner. The reported victim said the photograph on the license matched the person who robbed him.

Video footage from Walgreens showed someone matching Roner's description run through the drive-through, followed by the reported victim, at about 10:09 p.m.