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Sixth drunk driving offense jails Iron River man

An Iron River man convicted of his sixth drunk driving offense will spend a year in jail, but may avoid prison time.

William John Hood, 49, pleaded guilty Jan. 8 in Douglas County Circuit Court to one count of sixth offense operating while intoxicated. A two-year prison sentence followed by two years of extended supervision was imposed and stayed.

Hood was sentenced to three years of probation and one year of jail time, with Huber work release granted. He was ordered to pay a $3,500 fine. His driver's license was revoked for 36 months and Hood was ordered to install an ignition interlock, undergo an alcohol assessment, maintain absolute sobriety and submit to random urinalysis.

Felony counts of fifth offense operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration and sixth offense operate with restricted controlled substance were dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint:

Hood was involved in a one-vehicle accident Nov. 4, 2016, along U.S. Highway 2 in the town of Maple. The Iron River man, who was driving, was injured in the crash.

Hood admitted to Douglas County Sheriff's Office Deputy Cynde Hunter that he had consumed alcohol the night before and thought he had fallen asleep. A preliminary breath test showed a result of 0.83. A later blood draw showed a blood ethanol concentration of 0.061.

Hood had a 0.02 alcohol concentration restriction on his license at the time of the crash.

The Iron River man has five prior operating while intoxicated convictions out of Wisconsin, the most recent in 2010.