When voters head to the polls in Douglas County in the coming weeks, there will only be one primary to decide: who will serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is stepping down after a single term in office.

Three candidates, Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet, Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock and Madison attorney Tim Burns, are vying for the seat on the state’s high court.

The Feb. 20 primary narrows the field to two candidates to face off in the April 3 election.

In local races, the entire County Board is up for re-election this year. Three board members, John Robinson, Dave Conley and Robert Mock, are stepping down at the end of their terms.

Two candidates are vying to replace Conley on the board: Jim Borgeson and Samuel Jones. Borgeson is a former member of the Lake Nebagamon Village Board and Jones is supervisor on the Highland Town Board.

Michael Raunio is running unopposed for the seat held by Robinson and Steven Long of Solon Springs is running unopposed for the seat held by Mock.

Only one member of the 21-member Douglas County Board is facing a challenge in April. Supervisor Dan Corbin is facing a challenge from Joseph Moen of Foxboro. Moen previously served as chairman of the Summit Town Board.

Odd-numbered districts and a special election in the 6th District are being held in April to decide the makeup of the Superior City Council.

Councilors Dan Olson in the 1st, Warren Bender in the 3rd, Brent Fennessey in the 5th and Ruth Ludwig in the 7th are all running unopposed.

In the 9th District, Councilor Keith Kern, a Billings Park businessman, is finishing his first term on the Council. He faces a challenge from Jessica Peterson, a Superior High School graduate who’s gone on to earn a master of education degree, and joined the race because she has a vision to make the city thrive. She lives in Billings Park with her husband and son, and works as the director of organizational development at the Hills Youth and Family Services.

Co-owner of DiscoverPC, Councilor Tylor Elm, was appointed in June to finish the first year of Councilor Graham Garfield’s second term after Garfield resigned. Elm lost the 2016 election to Garfield by one vote. He is now facing a challenge from a lifelong Superior resident and University of Wisconsin-Superior graduate, Martina Tendrup. A domestic abuse counselor at the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse, Tendrup said she wants to give back to her community.

Two candidates are vying for three seats on the Superior School Board this spring: incumbent Len Albrecht and former school board member, Steven Stupak, who was unseated in the 2017 election after serving one three-year term. The three seats up for election are held by Albrecht, Craig Peterson and Raunio.

Raunio filed a declaration of non-candidacy, according to the district office, and Peterson stepped down from the board in December to spend more time with his family.

The third Superior seat can be filled by a write-in campaign, or following the election, the board can seek applications, hold interviews and appoint a board member to the seat.

The Maple School Board has two seats on the ballot: those held by Kim Pearson and Dave Paulus. Vying for the seats are Rachel Zwicky of Iron River and Adam Landwehr of Poplar. Neither incumbent is seeking re-election.

Two contenders have stepped up to run for two available seats on the Solon Springs School Board: incumbent Shelley Blaylock and Jason Clifton. Incumbent Romine Deming filed a declaration of non-candidacy.