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Men plead guilty after Cooper construction visit

Two Superior men who took an unapproved early morning tour of the Cooper Elementary School construction site face different consequences.

Jason Damien Bowens, and Bradley John Draper Jr., both 21, were charged in Douglas County Circuit Court with one count of entry into a construction site. On Dec. 8, Bowens pleaded no contest and Draper pleaded guilty to the charge.

Draper was sentenced to six days in jail and $443 court costs.

A one-year deferred judgment of conviction agreement was entered for Bowens, according to court records. He was ordered to have no contact with the school, pay $100 and complete 20 hours of community service within the next year. If he does, the charge would be dismissed.

According to the criminal complaints:

Superior police responded at 12:49 a.m. Sept. 14 to reports of banging and screaming coming from the frame of the new Cooper Elementary School. The officers found Draper and Bowens on the top level of the school. They told Officer Joshua Kneeland they went to the school to look at it because they hadn't seen the newly-built portion.

Nothing suspicious was found on the men, and they did not have any belongings from the construction site in their possession, according to the responding officers. Neither man had permission to be there.

The new Cooper Elementary School is scheduled to open next fall. The estimated $24.5 million project is part of a larger $92.5 million bond referendum approved by Superior school district voters in 2016.