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WATCH: Pet dog survives coyote attack caught on backyard surveillance camera

Stock Image / Pixabay

NORTHFIELD, Ill. - A suburban Chicago family is lucky to still have their pet dog after it was randomly attacked by a coyote Wednesday morning, Dec. 13.

Vicky Dinges said her dog Boozer had been out in the backyard of her Northfield home for less than a minute Wednesday when a coyote emerged from out of nowhere and attacked the dog, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

Boozer, a cairn terrier, suffered significant injuries with a deep gash to his head and a bloody eye, among other injuries. According to a report in The Daily Caller, the attack lasted about 30 seconds.

The entire attack was recorded on Dinges' home survelliance camera. Dinges said she ran out of the house screaming and the coyote eventually wandered off.

"He was shaking, I was shaking," Dinges said. "It could have been so much worse."

By Wednesday afternoon, Boozer returned home after getting staples for his injuries. According to Barnaby Dinges, Vicky's husband, Boozer, upon returning home, went back into his kennel on his own but still appeared to be shaken up from the attack.

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