Woman claims to have seen Bigfoot. State Patrol responds, but says it 'must have just missed him.'


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. - A Colorado woman claims to have seen Bigfoot while driving along a major Nebraska highway Saturday night, Nov. 25. But, like many who have came and gone before her, there seems to be no other witnesses. 

Robin Roberts called her friend, Harriett Mcfeely, of Hasting, Neb., claiming she saw the monstrous creature while driving on Interstate 80 about 9 p.m. Saturday night near North Plate, Mcfeely told The Grand Island Independent.

According to Mcfeely, Roberts called her a little while after she dropped her off at her home. According to The Grand Island Independent, Mcfeely said Roberts claimed to be excited, telling her that "she just saw a Bigfoot."

"She said, 'I just saw a Bigfoot--he was standing right here on the shoulder of the road,' " Mcfeely said.

According to Mcfeely, the Bigfoot was said to be standing inside the fence along the interstate meant to keep deer away from the road. Roberts told Mcfeely that the Bigfoot was only about 20 feet away from her car and that the creature was "at least 8 feet tall."

After getting off the phone with Roberts, Mcfeely then called the Nebraska State Patrol to report the sighting.

According to a Facebook post on the Nebraska State Patrol page, a trooper responded to the call, but reported back that the "sasquatch remained elusive," and the trooper "must have just missed him."

It seems this was another familiar tale with an all-too-familiar ending.