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One act play cast, crew lists for SHS, NHS

Students involved in the Superior High School one act play, "Dark Road," include the following cast members: Josiah Grant, Rene Williams, Sadie Hunter, Satori Rekstad, Matthew Luoma, Skylar Madsen, Zachary Palmer, Katie Warren, Shea Callaghan, Tristan Callaghan, Matthew Minor, Ellie Westlund, Josie Goad, Luke Fornengo, Emily Darker, Colyn Kirkwood and London Jonasen. Dylan Schelinder is serving as stage manager and student members of the technical crew include Garrett LaBare, Molly Turchi, Thomas Chicka, Macy Lee and Mary Jillson. Co-directors of the show are Cheri Tesarek and Amber Gilbert.

Students involved in the Northwestern High School one act play, "The Terezin Promise," include the following cast members: Amanda Lumberg, Gabe Johnson, Josh Olson, Kevin Garland, Sami Keller, Ashley Olson, Olivia Kalin, Eve Six, Lily Cain, Jessica Schnepper, Patricia Hanson, Ariel Rutten, Isabella Magerl, Tiana Hursh, Grant Goodlet, Erin Germano, Lauren Crozier and Emily Charlier. Student members of the tech crew include Grant Goodlet, Madison Gross, Tiana Hursh, Audrey Edwards, Erin Hart, Sami Keller, Patricia Hanson, Jessica Schnepper, Noah Johnson, Jonson Dillard and James Kovaleski.

Students Sasha Achucarro, Aidan Gort and Paige Johnson are among the cast members of Northwestern High School's one act play, "Twelve Reasons Not to Be in a Play."