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Superior, Northwestern plays focus on World War II

Superior High School students Sadie Hunter, left, and Zachary Palmer perform a scene from “Dark Road” Wednesday in the experimental theater of the Holden Fine Arts Building on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus. A free public performance of the one act play, which heads to state competition later this month, takes place at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the theater. Jed Carlson/ 1 / 14
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Local high school students explore themes of evil and hope in the midst of World War II in two one-act plays heading to state competition this month.

Superior High School's production of "Dark Road" by Laura Lundgren Smith, shines a light on how evil can become ordinary, routine.

Greta, a young girl living in Nazi Germany, takes a job at a nearby women's concentration camp to provide for her sister.

Soon, she learns the reality of her duties and learns to justify her crimes.

"I am more proud of this production than any of the other one-acts we have done," said co-director Cheri Tesarek. "When I read the script I was so moved and knew we had to do this show."

In particular, the lines of one character resonated with her.

"Evil isn't something that swallows you up," Daimler says. "It's a choice you make, every day. Every time you see someone as less, as no longer human, as no longer worthy of dignity, of life."

Told through flashbacks, the play shows one woman's journey down the "Dark Road," and what waits at its end.

A free public performance of "Dark Road" takes place at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the experimental theater of the Holden Fine Arts Building on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus. Space is limited.

A send-off for the cast and crew will take place at 7:45 a.m. Nov. 16 in the Superior High School gymnasium.

Northwestern High School

Northwestern High School's Night of One Acts kicks off at 7 p.m. tonight in the Patricia Luostari Theater for the Performing Arts. Students will perform "Twelve Reasons Not to Be in a Play" and the state-bound production of "The Terezin Promise," by Celeste Raspanti. The event is free and open to the public.

With the liberation of Terezin concentration camp at hand, one prisoner remains behind to keep a promise she made to her teacher, not to leave without the drawings and poems of the Terezin children. When she and her friends cross paths with a wounded Nazi soldier, their needs collide. The soldier wants to save his honor and go home; one prisoner wants revenge; another wants to keep her promise. Can they leave anger and revenge in the past?

Both "Dark Road" and "The Terezin Promise" will be performed during state competition Nov. 17 in Whitewater.

Cast and crew lists can be found online at