Solon Springs remembers with light


Thirteen cultures around the world hold annual celebrations to honor their dead. This includes Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday designed to remember and pray for friends and family members who have passed on. On October 31 each year, they gather to honor the dead and help them on their spiritual journey.

The community of Solon Springs has decided it is time to initiate a regional celebration to honor our loved ones who have passed before us. A celebration is planned for 5-6 p.m. Sunday at the Solon Springs Village Hall, 920 E. Main St.

Cathy Forrest of the Little Gift House provided the impetus when she had dreamed of this for several years. The planning process to turn this dream into reality began once she enlisted the help of Jason Clifton. Duane and Margot Lottig then stepped up to the plate to secure a Thrivent Financial Action Grant, which is covering the expenses for this celebration.

The public is invited to stop in and make their own luminaries in memory of departed loved ones. Candles, supplies and snacks are provided. Lighted luminaries will be placed along the Main Street in Solon Springs. Guests are encouraged to stroll down the street as they remember their loved ones and share memories with each other.

"This is a time and space set aside to gather and to remember those who have gone on before us," Clifton said. "We hope to create space for our greater community just to be."