DULUTH, Minn. -- The city of Duluth has closed a Lake Superior beach and portions of the popular beachside walkway until further notice due to damage caused by large waves on Lake Superior.

Brighton Beach was closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, while portions of the Lakewalk were  unpassable and covered with debris, including large chunks of asphalt torn loose by Lake Superior waves. The waves were still splashing onto the roadway at Brighton Beach into Friday afternoon.

Inside the Hampton Inn Duluth in Canal Park, Friday morning breakfast guests ate peacefully as waves crashed furiously outside, covering the Lakewalk for as far as the eye could see in floodwater and spraying droplets against the hotel windows.

"I knew Lake Superior could get ugly, but not like this," said Minneapolis resident Brad McConkie, visiting Duluth with his wife, Eileen, for their anniversary.

In Canal Park, large sections of the wooden boardwalk had been dislodged and tossed about by the waves.

There also was standing water on streets and some parking lots in Canal Park, including the city parking lot closest to the ship canal.

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