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Car, school bus crash send two to hospital

A Superior school bus was struck at the corner of Banks Avenue and Broadway Street after a southbound Subaru failed to stop at the sign. (Courtesy of Superior Police Department)

One adult and one student were transported to the hospital following a collision between a car and school bus Wednesday morning in Superior.

The accident occurred at about 8:19 a.m. at the corner of Banks Avenue and Broadway.

According to Superior police Lt. Thor Trone, a Subaru was traveling south on Banks Avenue and failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection, colliding with the eastbound school bus, striking it in the side.

No serious injuries were reported, but one adult and one youth from the school bus were transported to a local hospital as a precaution, police said.

District office personnel confirmed that a bus monitor and a child were sent to be evaluated. By the afternoon of the crash, the child was back at school and the adult was back at home.

The bus was transporting about a dozen elementary school students.

The crash did some serious damage to the bus and it is out of operation.

District Transportation Director Chad Jensema said the district is putting students on different routes and doing the best they can with replacement equipment.

"We're hoping it's a short-term thing," he said.

With students out of school until Nov. 1, the district has time to put into repair work before the bus is needed again.

The driver of the Subaru was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

The Superior police and fire departments, and Gold Cross Ambulance responded to the crash.

"The response team in the city just did a fabulous job," Jensema said.