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2nd District City Council: Jennifer "Jenny" Van Sickle

Address: 4316 E. Third St.

Age: 34

Family: I have been an active duty military spouse for nearly 14 years and have two daughters in the Superior school district.

Employment: Transportation Programs Manager; it's my job to design, implement, supervise and evaluate all of the transportation programming, policy and advocacy at a non-profit organization.

Education: I graduated from the University of Maine-Augusta in 2013 where I studied Mental Health & Human Services. In 2016, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a degree in Social Work, where I focused on community organizing and public policy.

Government and civic experience and organizations: Being a part of the Superior Days delegation was an powerful introduction into legislative advocacy for Douglas County; every year I travel to Madison to build relationships with our elected officials, both locally and statewide, to bring attention to the issues most important to the residents of Superior. In addition, I served on the steering committee for Superior Citizens in Action: an annual event focused on building advocacy skills and to create a space where residents can sit down with their elected officials over coffee and bring their issues forward. I also serve on the Metropolitan Interstate Council's Bike/Pedestrian Committee, Transportation Advisory Committee, and a regional planning and development organization. I'm proud to serve Superior as an election official and to volunteer at WITC's annual fundraiser at Nemadji golf course.

What assets do you have that will help you represent the people of your district?

Experience: I've dedicated my personal and professional life to making government transparent and accessible; every day I work with people to speak up for what matters to them and equally for elected officials to experience accountability to the people they represent.

Dedication: I am deeply invested in Superior. Like so many others, I'm raising a family here and have been so moved by the conversations I've had with people during this campaign. You've invited me into your homes, it's my priority to listen. I hear you.

Results: Years of authentic community participation and hard work has been lifted up by so many supportive leaders; humbly, I accept the endorsements of County Board vice chairman, Jim Paine, the Superior Federation of Labor, our Superior Firefighters Local 74 and 2nd District city councilor, Tom Fennessey. We look to continue the hard conversations, outreach, and actions that best move Superior in a direction that makes the most sense for the people that live here.

Why are you running for City Council and what do you hope to accomplish?

This campaign has been very organic in its growth. My candidacy has been built by knocking on doors and hearing about the issues that matter most to the residents of Allouez/Itasca. It will be my job to be a vehicle for those voices to be heard in a meaningful way at the council. Transportation issues, effective city services, Wisconsin Point development, and neighbors that feel more connected are just a few of the issues District 2 has identified.

What do you believe the city's top three priorities should be, and what will you do to help the city achieve those goals?

Continue investing in Superior: I believe we can create a strong economic base by listening to the people that live here and building a city that meets our recreation, housing, and employment needs. There's incredible value in recognizing the businesses that operate in Superior; it's vital that we support them.

Improving our housing can have powerful ripple effects and create a stronger school district. We need to be proactively attracting and retaining folks with diverse talents and skills that enhance our city. The community events and organizing that is happening in Superior is inspiring, we can increase those efforts.

We need to do a better job hearing from our most vulnerable citizens: children of color/Indigenous families, and people of varying abilities, among others, need to be at decision-making tables, their voices/perspective are valuable and important in policy-making at every level and we cannot build a city for everyone without everyone at the table.