Address: 1609 Banks Avenue

Age: 26

Family: Engaged to Kara Schmidt (Wedding Sept. 17)

Employment: Letter Carrier/Mailman (NALC 337)

Education: B.A. Biology, B.S. Broad Field Science UWS (class of 2014), pursuing M.S. Sustainable Management, University of Wisconsin Online (plan to graduate fall 2017).

Government and civic experience and organizations: City Councilor 2015-present, Member Duluth/Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council (current), Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission (current), President of the Superior Federation of Labor (current), Vice-President of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) 337 (current), Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Labor Caucus (2015-current), Student Body President UW-Superior 2012-2014, UWS representative on the Douglas County Board 2011-2012 Endorsed by Superior Federation of Labor, Superior Firefighter Local 74 and NALC 337.

What assets do you have that will help you represent the people of your district?

My experience as a laborer and my childhood growing up in a working class family means I fully understand the needs of all individuals and families living in my district. I am proud to be a full-time hourly wage earner and to work for a living. My experience in local government is substantial, and I consider myself a guardian of the rights of regular folks on city government. My position as a member of the Finance Committee allows me to have a greater say in how money gets spent in the city, and I feel we have an obligation to use taxpayer dollars responsibly and for the greatest good.

Why are you running for City Council and what do you hope to accomplish?

I am seeking reelection to the City Council because my first term showed just how much can be accomplished by being thorough, asking tough questions, and having a willingness to collaborate with other councilors to find better solutions to everyday problems our city faces. I feel that my presence on the council as a young and capable leader will be part of coming positive changes in local government that put residents first.

What do you believe the city's top three priorities should be, and what will you do to help the city achieve those goals?

I continue to put access to safe and affordable housing as our top priority. New residential developments and remodeling of existing structures will be crucial to providing residents the quality residence options they deserve.

Attracting quality development that provides not only economic growth and tax revenue, but living wage jobs, is another top priority of mine. I believe in creating a climate for growing union jobs in Superior. I also believe in supporting WITC and UW-Superior to support our workforce and providing vocational and academic options for residents

I am also focused on responsibly managing the city finances as we consider priority budgeting and deal with coming budgetary shortfalls. Good financial decisions will put us in a strong position and prevent the elimination of vital services such as police and fire or the addition of new fees that my district cannot afford.